Saturday, January 23, 2010

i want a terrarium.

winter in new york can be so gloomy sometimes. it's like the whole city - or the whole state is naked and vunerable without the trees. i guess new york is just being new york shielding itself with grays and blacks. just like new yorkers. or is it the other way around? hmmmm...... anyway i want more greens! inside the house at least. the other day, i stopped by michael's to see if they had any nice apothecary [uh-poth-uh-ker-ee] jars for rb's wedding. and of course with my luck that day (yeah, really bad-on-of-those-days day), they didn't. but i did see some nice jars that i can use for a terrarium. i've been wanting one for a long time now like this photo by WarmCountryMeadow. just googled how to make one and who knew it's a very involved process. it's like having an aquarium and we all know how well that went.

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