Wednesday, February 29, 2012

extra day.

i feel like doing something crazy today in honor of leap year. but probably won't unless you consider shopping for a shaver at walmart crazy. i am however secretly hoping that my sis in law gives birth today. that way feb 29 will be really exciting and i can finally say that i know a leap year baby. having an extra day turns my curiosity level to the max. you know like time travelling or when you gaze at the stars and the possibilities of life becomes infinite. no? ok that's just me then. anyway, if you think about it time is drifting that we have to add a day to make up for it. anyway don't mind my blah-ging. get it? blogging=blahging because i am blogging about blah.. ahhaha. but seriously i'm ending it right here before i get carried away. enjoy your extra day everyone!

(top: sweet pea/macys, skirt: ann taylor, cardi: f21, watch: toy watch, shoes: aldo, bag: lv)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

second work day of the week.

- one of the guys i correspond with by email at work always replies "negative" and "affirmative". i feel like a drill sergeant. like did you have a good weekend? affirmative! sheeesh!
- chatting with hubs while working on a spreadsheet. in all caps. no, i am not screaming. it's funny how capitalization changes the tone of the chat. here's a comic from ps. super funny website if you have a wierd sense of humor like me. hubs thinks it's not funny. but then again that's from a guy who is linsane.
- i am swamped with work today. I've had 5 cups of coffee already. and work keeps coming. breakfast at home and at work was a good call.
- the scrambled egg at the cafeteria is sooooo dry and nasty - probably the fake kind - but it's so gooooood. i sometimes cook real eggs and make it look that way.
- my daughter brought home her first homework yesterday!!!! and we forgot to do it. what kind of mom am i??!? lol. note to self: keep crayons or any writing instrument in the car.
- lunch at 1pm with hubs!
- i originally wore bright red with this skirt and ended up wearing black. i have no idea why.
- my dad's painting for our dining room is almost done! here's a little preview.
- i have decided that i am going to start wearing lipstick. that is as soon as i buy some.

breakfast of champs.

cafeteria style.

Monday, February 27, 2012

at the mailroom.

so cute but believe it or not it was a stamp short. and it's on its way back to the sender. mailing can be mean sometimes.

sheer and silk.

i am all about sheer and silk tops. love them! i have been eyeing on a black polkadot sheer just like what i'm wearing today from equipment for some time now. it's also $200 bucks if not more. so you can just imagine how excited i was when i saw this at f21 for 0.08th of the price (if that even makes sense and if my math is correct). i also bought it's fraternal twin - white with black dots. and then some. f21 pretty much has all the sheer colors and styles. me, I always opt for classic cuts. work appropriate and perfect for play. happy monday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

this is me.

obviously bored. while everyone is catching up on sleep. sorry i don't do naps. outside getting some vitamin d, skipping on shower, watching hulu and a little blogging/camera whoring. i'm 30.


ahhh. nature in our backyard. *sigh*

Friday, February 24, 2012

happy friday.

i have been up since 4:30 am. brain not functioning. thumb too big. i will end post here. t.g.i.f.

(shirt: ann taylor, pants: h&m, shoes: aldo, bag: tse, watch: mk, bangles: laila rowe, belt: ralph lauren)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


birthday cake. birthday flowers. birthday wish.

growing love.

i'm talking about denim chambray. obviously. lol. this is my 6th. when i saw this for 16 bucks, i was like heck yeah. my hubs reaction - " don't you have 2 of that already?". ummm. yeah sure. he doesn't need to know about the other 3.

yesterday we had a blast! ate all day long. and catch up with everyone. so did my daughter. for the first time, she was sleeping in the car on our way to school. that never happens. never. tomorrow morning everyone is leaving. tomorrow night, in laws are arriving. yey!

(shirt: random brand at tjmaxx, skirt: ann taylor, shoes: aldo, watch: mk)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


happy 65th birthday to the most awesome woman on earth. the reason why i'm alive. self proclaimed all-you-can-eat founder. lol. mama, you da best!

south beach.

oh how i've missed you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

busy bee.

today is a crazy day. i had 3 guys waiting with me in my cubicle for a good hour while trying to get work done. i hate it when someone is watching me type. or watching the back of my head. who's with me?

i spent the whole morning running around the whole building. and bumping to our ceo. i got a smile out of him. i heard he's not the friendly type.

i am definitely getting lots of things done today. hope it stays that way because tomorrow i am off!

(skirt: trifted, top: ann taylor, cardi: f21, shoes: from mom, watch: mk, bag: tse)

Monday, February 20, 2012

ayan's head.

- i had leg cramps the other night and i slept through it. wow.
- mama and aunt #1 (tita ave) arrived last night and since my hubs and i have work, they've decided to reorganize some stuff. nervous? maybe.
- loving my new birdie top and skirt. told ya we were going shopping.
- stayed up til 2 am catching up with my mom and aunt and ate half a tub of ice cream. *sigh* good times.
- my mom's 65th birthday on the 22nd! i guess south beach it is!! she loves it there! i'm taking a day off! yess!
- i just got a delivery of 150 lbs of cheddar cheese, 50 lbs of butter and 50 gal of chicken broth. nice.
- my cousin, caroline arriving tonight and aunt #2 (tita fe) tomorrow!
- my very weird dream. let's just say it involved a tsunami, me hanging on a coconut tree and jumping, snapping turtles THIS big.
- saturday's post where i called my babies "nanoes". are my thumbs really that big?

(skirt, top: banana republic, cardi: target, flats: gap, watch: mk, bag: tse)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

i love the weekends.

home made burgers. hotwings and beer. discovering a quaint italian market with an awesome bakery. driving 'round town with my nanoes. glorious weather. a date with my sophie. saturday well spent.

Friday, February 17, 2012


yes this outfit is very similar to my feb 13 post. but i wore that outfit back in november last year. just posted that for my hs friend who's dying to have a sheer kimono shrug. lol.

today i was on the verge of having a huge migraine. but remedied it just before it became full blown. i think i've mastered that. or else today will be a disaster since today is the party for our coworker. lots. of. food.

(kimono: target, top: h&m, jeans: seven, shoes: aldo, belt: h&m, watch: mk, bag: tse)
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