Friday, December 30, 2011


today i left the house early. no traffic at all. admiring the gorgeous sunrise the whole drive. everything was peachy keen until i got to the parking lot.
i noticed that there's slight crack on the windshield! a slight crack is never slight. it came out of nowhere. seriously. i didn't see it yesterday and this morning. it just magicly appeared. and of all cars, mine of course. i was so bummed out. as my hubs always say things like this only happens to me. and by this i mean unbelievable things. its always me and not him! i hate the part where i have to break it to him gently. or not. in this case, at 7 am i called him. "hi, i'm here (he's always worried that i am not gonna make it to my destination). are you awake yet? (obviously) i noticed that there's a small crack on the windshield." "a small what!!??" oh gosh he's so dramatic!
naturally i can't stop thinking about this stupid dent and all the inconvenience it comes with. not to mention the worst case senarios that can happen, thanks to my wild imagination and watching too much final destination.
anyway at that point, at 7:25am to be exact, i had a choice. if i should let this ruin my day or not. it's not going anywhere. it hard not to think about it but i always start by fixing the situation and figure out what the real damage is. called geico and this woman, lee, was so nice. she said "good thing it happened now, getting rid of all the bad stuff before new year". that and they'll take care of it and waive the deductible. problemo solved! i just saved $800 bucks plus tax. trust me i know. let's just say this is not a first time for me to crack a windshield.
if anyone ask me how it happened, i. don't. give. a. damn. who cares you're not going to believe it anyway. *sigh* moral of the story: things are never THAT bad! when life throws curve balls at you, keep smiling!
on another note, todays outfit was inspired by yesterday's jcrew email. i miss these boots!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

adventure in the highway.

yesterday was an off day for me. i left my phone at home. my drive to work is about 40 mins on highway 75 and let me tell you there's not one day that there no emergency of some sort on that highway whether it's an accident or a flat tire. thank god i have not heard or seen anything major. but can you imagine?!? having a flat tire and not having a cell phone?!? it was the longest drive of my life. i kept turning off the radio to listen for flat tire sound. whatever that sounds like. paranoid much?
so the whole yesterday, no blogging, no texting, couldn't call anyone because i didn't have anyone's numbers. i actually though about some weird stuff and new years resolutions like how i use only one knife for everything but that's a whole other post.
anyway today i'm back! picked up some blue hydrangeas this morning for new years weekend and for my desk. t

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post christmas.

can't. stop. eating. thank goodness new years just around the corner. everything is on hold until new years. and by that i mean my food intake since i've eliminated diet from my vocab. lol. speaking of new years, resolution time! that's a list i love to make! what are your 2012 resolutions?!

Monday, December 26, 2011

merry christmas.

1. mama's little helper.
2. only in my household - square sugar cookies. yep, we messed it up. how? beats me.
 3. my successful christmas ham. yummmm.
 4. you see all the cherries and pineapples? she ate them all.
 5. opening presents at 8 pm.
 6. bird feeder is finally up. now where are all the birdies?
 7. christmas morning swim. we are definitely not in new york anymore.
 8. mandatory christmas tree shot.
 9. disney castle with all the characters. best christmas present ever.
 10. christmas flower arrangement. i love it.

Friday, December 23, 2011

the eve of christmas eve.

food shopping. check! gingerbread house. check! child under the influence of sugar high. uh-oh my already long day just got longer.

2011 ornaments.

so these some of the ornaments that made it to our tree this year. sophie's favorite is of course gnomeo and juliet! and mine is probably...hmmm....all of it!


today is going to be a long day. there's only 3 people in my department. come april, i am taking my vacay asap. after i get out of work today, it's going to be madness! food shopping, christmas shopping, set up ginger bread house with sophie, send all the greeting cards and bake!!! and i live for times like this! chaotic preparations, taking on impossible goals, spending time with family and everything executed imperfectly to perfection. aaaah. it's the most wonderful time of the year indeed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

tap dancing mafia.

it's amazing what comes out of my hubby's mouth esp. when it comes to my outfits. this morning he commented on my shoes. "are you going tap dancing? where's your white gloves, hat and cane?" lol. it's funny because i associate the two tone shoes to mafia and not a tap dancing entertainer. like i need my cigar, fedora and thompson sub machine gun on both arms. or even bonnie & clyde. maybe its because of my tapdancing skills. lol. or the lack thereof. but then again i'm gangshta too! whatevs forgettaboudiit!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

taming my hyde.

one of the things that's been on my new years resolutions list every year is to tame my hyde. i am not much of a sleeper. in fact i wake up so early and can usually stay up really late. i hate taking naps!!! when i do sleep, d.n.d.!!!!! seriously!! i'm like a bear on hibernation thus the title hyde as in hide. but i've been called mr. hyde and the hulk by non other than my hubs but at this point, i don't feel bad for him anymore just because he doesn't learn. i don't care if it's an emergency. do. not. wake. me. up!!! unless you want to hear me roar. but seriously, i do want to change that. i am a happy person in fact i'm one of those "wake up, its a brand new day" kind of person. and i just can believe i am also the hulk! i don't even know i am doing it until the next morning when my hubs says "who the hell are you??" lol. he tends to exagerate a lot so maybe it's not even that bad. so goodluck to me! and my other self.

my kinda shopping buddy.

found these photos on my phone. taken last month on my date with sophie at ikea. 99 cent ice cream while rummaging through the clearance section for some fabrics. we took our time. (my hubs has an attention span of a 3 yr old when it comes to shopping and of a 1 year old when it comes to the clearance section). of course we also got lost on the way home. well actually, we missed our exit which is no surprise. sophie didn't complain one bit. we ended up in the supermarket stacking up on ham and cheese!

Monday, December 19, 2011

everyday i'm shuff-uh-ling.

damn that song! you know that song, party rockers by lmfao. i freakin love it! and i can't stop my self from dancing. well maybe only when my in laws walk in the room. that song was made for my moves. my go crazy moves. nothing like a good old running man! lmfao. no pun intended. spent my afternoon yesterday learning the dance steps with sophie. watch out world, somebody stop us!
on another note, my go to outfit when i i'm running late: bright top + pencil skirt.

Friday, December 16, 2011

the new guy.

my boss who is also a chef brought a basket of cookies for everyone. he baked them himself, or so he said. i told everyone on my floor "hey there's cookies!! peter made them!!!" and i mean everyone, all the way up to our department vp. i'm such a loser. that's when everyone decided to tell me what's up. lol. joke's on me, joke's on the new guy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

thrift store find.

last month, when my niece/fellow blogger visited last month we went to goodwill. finally! we've been dying to go to a goodwill store since we started blogging. not many thrift stores in ny. the only words that came out of us were o.m.g. we died. ok that's a little too much. but let me tell you everything was $4 and under. at least what i got. this top was a great find and it was brand new with a tag and eveything. i've worn it several times already and i get so many compliments everytime! the tan skirt is also trifted for $3!

Friday, December 9, 2011

casual fridays.

tgif everyone!!!! woooohooooo! i'm nuts! here are some of my friday outfits including thanksgiving friday - yes people i had work that day and i was the only one in the whole building i think. 4 more months to go before i get my vacation days!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a&a thursday.

- talking way too much. seriously, especially when asked with a yes/no question at the urgent care.
- sending an email to upper management with a typo. on the subject line!!! shoot me now!
- walking into what i thought an empty room but actually walking into a meeting. ooops sorry wrong door.

- sis arriving today from ny!!
- sis in law with fiance arriving tom
- tomorrow is friday and we're ready for a fun filled weekend
- halfway done with unpacking our stuff
- finding a set of new plastic shoe boxes in the attic. and a retro chandelier.
- our christmas tree is up and hanging ornaments with sophie
- discovering an awesome restaurant just down the road called bonefish grill
- getting lots of free stuff from work

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

townhall meeting.

my first townhall meeting. lots of good stuff coming in 2012. our cafeteria turned into red frog pub overnight! that means beer (eventhough they were giving them out in thimbles - legal issues), drinking games, live band and lots of fried food.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


yep that's right. i don't care i'm blogging like now. today to get over this blogging funk and make use of this supposedly busy tuesday. i should be busy today and i even came in early but here i am - blogging on my phone. anyhoo, i am moving again! and this time my cubicle! i'm being upgraded to the largest cubicle on my floor. booya! so exciting! if that means more work, i don't mind one bit. yeah what can i say i'm am one of those jolly worker who loves to work. i just might start whistling.

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