Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the case of the tuesdays.

so is this the age of reality tv. thankfully i am not addicted to any of the shows or tv for that matter but when it's on, i can't help but watch. the shows are getting more and more ridiculous. for instance, chasing big foot. really? news flash: there is no big foot!!!! or is there?

anyway, enough of that. on our trip to ny, i got to cohost my sis in law's baby shower! we made diaper cake. we used actual baby clothes for banners. and we had some cake pops! which is why i am bringing this up. they're so delish. i am craving for some now and i think they'll make for some awesome valentine's treats. so i am on a quest for recipes and how tos.

on another note, this tulip skirt turned into a baloon skirt instead. lol. its a size 12!!! but couldn't pass it up for $5 bucks. love the colors. i've had it for a year and this is only my third time wearing it. i have to say it's very comfy.

(skirt: h&m, cardigan: who knows it's from my mom, blouse: h&m, flats: gap, watch: mk)

Monday, January 30, 2012


it's been awhile since i bought something that i dont need. i am so happy with my purchase! i can smell a new favorite. can't wait to wear this with denim shorts and white converse. and with something red. or chartreuse. or neon pink. It goes pretty much with all colors! btw, so many cute stuff for spring!!!! *sigh*

(blazer: f21, tank: h&m, skirt: express, flats: jcrew, watch: michael kors)

weekend shenanigans through my iphone.

zoo was cancelled last weekend because i was still under the weather. instead...

we conquered the laundry monster that's been growing in every room which includes our ny luggage. now we have 2 loads left. i also finished the first season of once upon a time - my latest addiction - while folding clothes.

i went food shopping. organized our freezer by day. and our pantry. sort of.

i made the best reuben sandwich. ever. sophie and j agree. no pic because we we got over excited and ate them immediately. i cooked the corned beef and made coleslaw from scratch. here's the leftovers that made it for todays lunch. yumm.

i baked chocolate crinkles to bring to school and work. just because. everyone loves it!!

we braved the outlet mall and got 2 pairs of sneakers for sophie. i officially hate rainforest cafe because it's a parent trap! and the food is not even that good. or i am just sick of it because we eat at every rainforest we see!!! and we get the same thing!!!! gotta give it to them because they get us everytime. we also stopped by furniture store and ordered an ottoman to house out throw and remotes in the family room.

signed up sophie for swimming lessons. finally. and played in the playground for awhile. i also found put that hubs can't push himself in the swing (you know, using the leg). really?

finally hung up papa's painting in out bedroom. organized my desk-slash-nighstand. see before pic.

watched mormons on break with hubs. ???? I know! and took nyquil to end the day.

i would say this was not a good weekend. it. was. awesome.

Friday, January 27, 2012


i know i've been with my company for a few months now. but always missed the second part of orientation. so today it is! so much fun and made more new friends! and 2 ex-new yorkers! i ate pretty much everything on the buffet to make up for all the walking on our tour. t.g.i.f. peeps! cant wait for this weekend! and for this monday because i know i will be back on the groove.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

this is me.

without washing my hair. what? you do it too! i woke up late but managed to whip up a good breakfast, get sophie showered and dressed for soccer.

i am so damn tired. and sick. which gives me a perfect excuse to have a huge lunch today. which is why we devoured a large pizza and 14 wings last night. i am also getting a huge box of assorted dimsum and dumplings today. that and a pair of restaurant grade pot holder and a 10" knife. dinner situation solved.

tomorrow - orientation again! which means free day and no work. weekend - a trip to the zoo! maybe.

(shirt: ny&co, skirt: target, shoes: jcrew, watch: michael kors)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

last night.

i couldn't sleep. eventhough i really needed it. instead i watched a movie and a half. ate twix and kitkat. temple run which is very addicting (i know it's so 2011) and you can't play this while lying down. gotta sit for this. i left half of my books in ny so while i was there i picked 3 to bring home and one of them i read last night. eye of the fish by luis francia - one of my fave filipino authors. the last time i read this book was probably 2004!!! so while reading, i immediately remembered that he's a filipino new yorker which is probably why i like his writing style. the two other books i got were new york trilogy by paul auster and the art of possibility by rosamund zander. now my night stand/writing desk is stacked! (whick reminds me to clear it up) i wonder if my subconcious is telling me something about being "home".
on another note, i couldn't decide if i wanted to wear, as per sophie, my shoes on a stick (heels) or my triangle shoes (pointy). i went with the safer one since im pretty much a walking zombie today. yey.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

back to reality.

ny was awesome! so is being home! work is aight today because i need sleep asap. so we realized that we need our very own scotty to beam us up to ny anytime. we love our fl and ny life but life wont let us have both so out adventure continues. let's wait and see where life will lead us. we're trullu blessed that happiness follows us always.

Friday, January 20, 2012

travelling clothes.

new york, here we come baby! yes, my brighton stripe + jeans for comfort. boots + slouchy sweater for warmth especially with the expected sleet from this morning's forecast. i have my scarf handy. of course miami decided to be bright and really sunny today. overdressed much?? i need a sign over my head that says "ny bound after work". charging my ipad for entertainment (eventhough i won't get to use it, it's practically sophie's). a bag of cheeseballs for snack.

i am sooooo excited! i heard there will be chinese food waiting for us. real chinese food and by real i mean real ny style take out which is actually far from the authentic chinese cuisine. lol.

on a sidenote, we were greeted this morning by these lovely flowers blooming on the side of our driveway.

(shirt: old navy, jeans: citizen of humanity, belt: h&m, boots: steve madden, watch: michael kors, bracelet: pandora, boracay)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

new york state of mind.

yeah this is going to be the longest day. what!?! it's only thursday!! ok so the second longest then. tomorrow will be torture.
i'm in a new york state of mind. always but specially this weekend. i agree, billy. weatherwise, sleet on sat!! being it on! i get a chance to wear my good old uggs.

(sweater: h&m, pants: old navy, shoes: aldo, watch: toy watch)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pink pinstripe.

(shirt: zara, pants: express, shoes: jcrew, belt: gap)

a little under weather today. boohoo.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

love and marriage.

hubs and i have been married for 6 years. like all marriages we've been through lots of adventures. some awesome and some not so nice. anyone who knows us knows that we fight like cats and dogs. like kids. literally. i read an article about ellen barkin and don drapkin's relationship and i'd have to say that ours is pretty much the same minus the bazillion dollars.
our marriage is extreme, we never have a "just ok" time. either we're super crazy and annoyingly cheesy about each other or it's wwIII. that's normal, at least in our book. lol.
our biggest problem is we love each other too damn much. and it doesn't help that we're both spoiled brats who needs attention and always expect to get what we want. best part is making up. and just like kids, we both wait who's gonna say something first. sigh. why can't we just skip the whole drama and get to the good part. i guess that's what makes it good.

(top: trifted, pants: zara, shoes: aldo, bag: lv, watch: michael kors)

time machine shoes.

i don't particularly love this outfit but i do love these skimmers from jcrew. i got them like 7 years ago. so much that i have them in three suede colors and even bought one for my mom. i was holding holding on to them for years until now that i'm working again. and that goes for pretty much all my work clothes and shoes. the problem is everytime i wear pointy shoes i feel like i am outdated. like i am back in 2005. that's the year were i officially stopped wearing my "nice" clothes and say bye bye to working in the city - company relocated and dress code was changed to casual. i mean i am happy just being able to wear my clothes again - what am i talking about!?!? i am psyched that they even fit!!! anyway the pointy shoes - are they really out of style? if you notice i haven't worn any pointy heels! it is only in my head? or should i dig up my old shoes too?

Friday, January 13, 2012


today i am extra happy because the last time i wore these pair of jeans was when i was i think 25 years old! that and i woke up early and no traffic today. tgif peeps! tomorrow, a much needed buffet and shopping!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

my polka dot skirt.

this skirt is a target find for $12. a size bigger than my usual but perfect for times when i feel blah. like today, i woke up so late that i didn't have time to wash my hair. yeah, that usually put me in a blah mood. and of course by late i mean 6:30 am. which means 1 hour for sophie and 30 minutes for me and that's including breakfast. sigh. anyway i love pairing this skirt with colors!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

more goodies from work today.

another reason why i love my job. i get lots of freebies. i'm talking about lots of food, seafood, bacon, meat, chicken wings, kitchenware, shirts, barware and today some goodies for sophie. can't wait to give it to her! what can i say i love me some freebies!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new york bound.

we booked our flight to ny!!! only for a weekend but oh so excited to see everyone! now we wait. for 10 more days!!!!!
on another note these were taken in three different rest room. this is my t.o.m. pants. yes its that time. t.m.i. much?

Monday, January 9, 2012

four more days.

today is the continuation of friday. what a long day! best part: carpooling with by babies. and lunch with hubs!! i swear that guy makes me smile! and sophie just cracks me up! and oh our bea.u.ti.ful weather!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

my colored tights.

this morning, i put on this blue tights which is one of the darkest color in my box of tights since we are having the perfect tights weather condition. I wasn’t too sure about it since the company I work for is conservative and old fashioned – it might not be work appropriate. So I decided to pair it with a black skirt, you know, balance the blueness of my legs. Lol. It was either a black below the knee skirt or a shorter than my usual skirts. Of course I went for the later which is again not solving my dilemma of wearing work appropriate clothes. So my perfect solution, pair it with black ballet flats and a casual gingham top. Tada!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it's feeling a lot like christmas.

yes, it's freeeeezing here in sunny florida. they're not kidding when they say that it gets cold here in the wintertime. who's "they" you ask? just about everyone! who you know, have been here a lot longer than us!! and you know, have lived their whole lives here!!! it's like it'40 degrees (i know it's not even THAT cold) with a lot of strong wind!!! It's hard to explain. the best way to describe it is it feels like one of those rare "nice" day in the middle of winter and the sun is out but when you get caught in the shade, it is freaking cold. that plus the wind. this weather would have been perfect during the holidays. we were in shorts during christmas eve. i kept asking hubs to play christmas songs to get me hyped up while cooking.
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