Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hot totes.

you like? i love. by rib & hull. comes in different colors and they're giving one away at cup of jo!!!!!!! tonight only. i'm really excited about this giveaway!

Monday, June 27, 2011

mall rats.

another day at the mall. weeee! i'm not really a mall person except on hot, humid days. i wore this last friday and later on in the afternoon it rained sooooooo hard. literally pouring. a bad day to not have an umbrella (i hate umbrellas and i never carry one. ever.). come to think of it i wonder why i thought it was a good idea to always have one in the car. unless you're already in the car when it starts raining but that's never the case is it? or is it just my luck? anyway it was a bad day to wear white. cotton tee nonetheless.
on another note, like my necklace? i made it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

beach bums.

last week my sis was in town from ny and finally got to test the waters of miami. o.m.g. why?! why did i let a month pass without going to the beach? the verdict: it's the best! water temp is perfect. sand is perfect. parking is cheap (1.25/hr) and 1 min walk to the beach! 1 min!!!!!!! can't beat that. definitely not jones beach (the beach where we go to in ny). so we went to hallandale beach in hollywood......
and the following day we went to south beach of course. can't visit miami without going to south beach. i thought hallandale beach was awesome. south beach is even better. clearer water, finer sand, and talk about hot bods. ahahaha. if you like people watching, this is the place! they have chairs ($10) and umbrellas ($12) ready for you rent there so you don't even have to bring anything just towels but you can bring you own. if you're like us, we brought our own mat and everything but still rented 2 chairs and an umbrella. don't ask me why? ahaha. street parking wasn't bad at all. got a spot right away and we even got a free meter ticket worth 2 hours of parking from the guy who left ($5). woohoo!

then afterwards, we drove around the area to check out jersey shores' gelato cafe, the dash store, couldn't find miami ink and bought some souvenirs.
life is good!

love for all in the empire state.

Friday, June 24, 2011

# 5 of 30.

remember when i said i intentionally picked clothes i don't particularly for my 30 for 30? well this dress is one of them. looking at the photos, it's not that bad. another reason why i love the 30 for 30 challenge. now i actually a bunch of ideas how to style this dress. or maybe not. i guess will see. i love this belt! bought it yeeeeears ago to go with the shoes. i used to wear them almost every weekend and totally forgot all about them. i've boxes and boxes of shoes and accessories in storage and i've only managed to find only one. one thing i learned from moving is that no matter how detailed the labels are on the boxes, you'll never find anything.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a&a thursday.

- saying goodbye to sister and trying to hold my tears in the car which made me laugh like a wierdo out of nowhere.
- for some reason after swimming, my hearing all of a sudden becomes impaired so i unconsciously talk really loud. we had some hotdogs after swimming and was telling sophie "this is the best hotdog ever" for everyone to hear! so embarrassing! 
- i'm really behind with my 30 for 30 post.
- old couple at the beach were so fond of sophie that they decided to turn their beach chairs toward us. we had our very own audience. awkward.
- sometimes i feel the pressure of having our second child and is it just me or is everyone all of a sudden preggers or giving birth.
- carrying a slurpee, a bag of churros, and and a crying toddler (she's got a boo boo) through a huge empty parking lot at 10 am. and i mean huge parking lot! i took the car for maintenance and discovered that there's a mall nearby, so decided to just walk. bad idea. that's what strollers are for. not to mention, very sunny and windy day. when i got back to the shop, my hair was all over the place so is the cinnamon sugar from the churros.

- miami beach - seriously. it's the best! i haven't felt that way in a long time. it's like a long lost love. i can honestly spend the whole day at the beach everyday. (if i wasn't too concerned about sun burn)
- 3 whole days with my sis!
- chatting with a high school friend, stan, who's getting married this saturday
- staying up late with jay watching dvds and eating bagel with pb and sugar
- finally got my new ss card! woohoo! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

froyo by the pound.

my last 2 days were spent in a bathing suit and pretty much beach bum clothes. no 30 for 30 outfits from last weekend. my sister is going back to ny today.*sigh* we miss her already. our last stop was at the froyo place called frozen yogurt bar (i know, how original). it's like the doral version of red mango but they have like 20 different flavors and tons of toppings including sauces and wafers. and they sell it by the pound!! so you can have pretty much anything you want like sophie. she's like a mad scientist mixing all the flavors with a crazy laugh. or you can have a plain one like me, vanilla with one topping. my sis got red velvet with what looks like tapioca pearl but it pops in your mouth. so. good. i miss my sis already!!! don't you hate goodbyes?

Monday, June 20, 2011

cuban sandwich + rainbow.

we drove my sister around south beach last night for some last minute sight seeing - because the weather decided to be itself. unpredictable. it was going to rain so we decided to stay home but it didn't. of course as soon as we got in the car it started raining. just for a little while though and then a double full rainbow came out! yes i know. as in two full rainbows next to each other. i was so excited like a crazy person in the car trying to capture it on my camera. the pictures don't do any justice at all, the second rainbow is lighter. anyway we showed my sister the art deco district, ocean drive, lummus park and lincoln road. we ended our night with the best cuban sandwich from las vegas cuban cuisine.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day!

to all dads out there especially to my hubs! you're the best! and my dad and father in law.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

sister in town.

yey! my sis arrived today from ny. we missed her sooooo much. first stop - the outlet! sissy wanted some rash guard for our beach trip on monday! we also scored some awesome raybans at sunglass hut - buy one get one half off baby! for $70 each! we have a full 4 days ahead of us! yeepee!

Friday, June 17, 2011

3 birds with 1 stone.

so this outfit qualifies in three challenges: 30 for 30, bloggers do it better: neon and neutral and rule breaking monday! and that's my shoe number two for the remix. click on the links to see everyone who's participating in the challenges. i have to say i'm starting to love the neon colors. i know what my hubby's going to say "you're not in the 80s!" i'm really glad i included this skirt in my 30.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

rated pg.

yup this outfit is definitely rated pg. as in playground. this diy vest is starting to be one of my summer favorites. love the 80s feel especially with wayfarers. so obviously this is my shoe number 1. so that leaves me 3 more picks fo the 30 for 30.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 for 30 picks.

so these are my 30 for 30 picks. (finally!) i didn’t include tanks and flipflops.  all I have to say is i need to go shopping like asap. for some reason i thought summer wear would be so much easier. i’m starting to doubt that. i don’t know about you but layering in hot weather is hard for me plus i also included some pieces that i don’t particularly like to make me actually wear them more.  the summer 30 for 30 is really going test my remixing skills but no worries i have a plan! if you notice, there's only 26 pieces so that means i've 4 left for shoes (still in storage).
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