Saturday, August 27, 2011

picky much.

last year i've been writing so tiny on my note book. like seriously 2 lines in one. just because i love that brand of notebook and it was the last one i had. i could only get it from one place in ny - samflax on 57th and park ave. and they might have closed that location. love the texture of the paper. whatevs.

anyway for new year hubs gave me a new notebook he got from b&n. the brand is greenroom, only problem is - it's spiral!!!!! i hate spiral notebooks! anyway he's so thoughtful - he got it for me because it's lime green, has a wood grain pattern and it's 70% recycled. for some reason he keep getting me lime green stuff. don't know why. i didn't want to break his heart so i used it. good thing it had the texture that i like and only had 50 pages.

well as of aug 11, that notebook's done. i purchased a few kinds from office depot and tried using it but it's just not the same. and believe or not they don't have b&n here. so i'm still on the hunt for the perfect notebook! seriously i'm so picky when it comes to my notebook:
- has to be narrow ruled
- not spiral bound!!!
- and the most important - it has to fit in my case. like it has to be no less than 5 x 7 and no more than 6.5 x 8.25 or it's gonna look weird.
- paper must be smooth so that when i use my fine point pen i don't hear the scratchy sound
- no perforation marks
- staple bound and not clothbound

since most of stuff are still boxed up, i can't get to my old notebooks even to just check the brand! so i pretty much spent my saturday trying to find a notebook online. i had to text my old boss and find out if he remembers it. so anyway i found it! it's called crairefontaine!!!!! it's the best notebook. ever. this one to be exact.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a&a thursday.

- sister saying on my legs from yesterday's pix are nasty because it's too dark than the rest of my body. it's the lighting i promise. check post from the day before.
- a&a thursday post from last week - it's actually friday. i seriously thought it was thursday.
- my netflix addiction just got worse, i've been introduced to korean drama. thanks, chetz - who got me into it. i'm all about cheesy, high school love stories. yep that's right i said high school. early midlife crisis, ya think? not to mention me calling sophie oha-ni-ah (one of my korean characters) and my random smiles while watching. and staying up until 5am. j thinks i'm overdoing it. just a little. p.s. sorry to my words with friends playmates for ignoring you.

- finally packing a survival backpack. it's been on my list for quite some time now. but thank goodness hurricane irene decided to skip miami. praying that it disappears completely.
- rainy days and max for giving me a reason to wear my hunter boots. i'm in charge in taking max out in the morning when the grass is wet
- homemade fruit popsicle 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

weekend shenanigans through my iphone.

trying on daddy's hats. sophie enjoying her presents from tita shirley. spending big bucks on the claw machine for an angry bird toy. nope we didn't get one. o.d.-ing on popcorn shrimps. and iced coffee. first time at bayside market in downtown miami. south beach. no swimming due to jelly fish. went jelly fishing instead with a fish net. skyping with our fish, ponyo. train ride at the mall. strawberry gelato. house hunting in eagle trace. miami sunset. good morning, full rainbow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

a&a thrusday.

- having a conversation about moving from new york with a salesman and because of my accent he asked me if i'm from the island obviously i said "no, i'm from queens". only he meant a totaly different island like the philippines! duh?!? whatevs.
- pms-ing is so darn uncomfortable
- jumping and dancing like a crazy person while taking max out yesterday morning - i hate mosquitoes!!! that and i forgot to spray mosquito repellent
- while car shopping, sophie got so tired so we decided to just chillax in the backseat of some random display car, some random guy sat in the driver seat and started talking to himself about how awesome the car was. well, hello there.
- freaking out when hubby attempted to right on my notebook - yeah i'm ocd when it comes to that. it kind of backfired later on when sophie scribbled all over it. and i mean on my notes too. nope i'm still not over it. aaaargh!

- my our new suv! holla! technically it's mine until hubby gets his! ahaha!
- disney trip for labor day weekend - booked!
- mama's trip to visit us the weekend after that - booked! i miss her! you know what that means lumpiang toge (beansprout eggroll) and turon baby!
- excited to go try a new church on sunday! church by the glades - hope this is the one!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

preppy look.

yey! 20 of 30! i can't believe i've included 3 pairs of pants in my 30 picks! and no denim shorts! anyway i'm just happy that i'm posting outfit pix again! as you can see, we've tanned so much in the last 2 weeks. i also need a haircut like asap. the truth is i'm so freaking scared to get a haircut. i've only gone to one hair stylist in the past 11 years! her name is junko and she's the b-e-s-t but unfortunately she's back in manhattan. hmmm what to do!?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

weekend shenanigans through my iphone.

discovered a new playground. breakfast at the carlyle. south beach. house hunting in coral springs. hard rock hotel. church. miami sunset. my new flipflops (after 3 months of beach i finally got myself a pair).

Friday, August 12, 2011

i miss this.

the other night, hubs and i couldn't sleep. we stayed up all night talking about you know - stuff and life. and just out of the blue, he said "let's buy a long table for you". where i can start doing stuff again. and as you can see from the pic, i need a really long table for all my stuff. there's a lot of stuff missing in this pic: my sewing machine, 3 boxes of old clothes that i've been meaning to refashion (mostly sophie's), my second monitor, all my scrapbook paper and stuff that used to be on a 4 drawer filing cabinet and who knows what else. i have way too many projects. had.
since we're planning on moving again, everything is on pause including buying furniture and unpacking everything. i would say we've only unpacked 1/4 of our stuff and everything else is on the when-we- buy-the-house pile and who knows how long that'll take.
so next week, i will attempt to go into our storage a.k.a. garage and find my stuff, take over sophie's room (mwahahah) since she's not sleeping there anyway, steal my husband's work table (mwahaha) and let see if we can get the creative wheels turning again!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my 19 of 30.

i know you're probably thinking - really? you're still doing that? why yes i am thank you very much. you didn't think i'd forgotten did you? i was this close to just ending my 30 for 30 challenge but here i am. can't let my girl, kendi down (nope i don't know her personally). i just enjoy remixing my wardrobe. that and i love a good challenge. and just to refresh my your memory, here's my 30 picks from what seems like ages ago. speaking of challenge, i've decided to take on another which is to be healthier. aside from lose weight, just eat healthier and just be more active. more about that tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

guess where i wore this outfit to.

that's right my job interview 2 weeks ago. as much as i wanted to wear more colors and accessories. i opted for this classic business attire. can't go wrong with that.
as soon i was scheduled for the interview, i knew exactly what wear! i've boxes of nice clothes from my working days. silly me, i only tried on my outfit 2 days before the interview. and guess what? non of my shirts fit me in the chest area!!! and my blazers are still on the tight side. really?!?!? i probably could've worn some of them but i just wouldn't be comfy.
so i immediately checked the express website - i love their work wear! i seriously have all the colors of their editor pants. anyway i couldn't get myself to pay $96 bucks for a black blazer and much more on a $70 white shirt that have both so many of. so instead i went to ny&co - same company owns express and ny&co (and the limited and victoria's secret) so i was so sure i'd find the same pieces for much much cheaper! and i did!
and if you want to read how my interview went, check a+s.

Monday, August 8, 2011

summer uniform.

so this whole summer i've been living off denim cutoffs. i've cut 5 jeans in the last 2 months including one from my hubby. surprisingly j's jeans are tight high waisted on me. anyway, i am loving the look of a dressy sheer top paired with rugged cutoffs. i also love the fact that i got both of my tops for $7 each at ny&co. woohoo!
at the gelato caffe made famous by the jersey shore. obligatory fist pump were made. and the tiramisu gelato is to die for!

late awkward & awesome in pictures.

- my accidental funny faces in candid shots
i'm pretty sure i was singing here. yep, that's my singing face
this one is the best! eeeeeeee!
at a cuban resto, probably eying the leche flan
my mmmm-it's-so-good-(that's what she said) face lol
this is probably my most common one. this is my heyyyyy-you-guys (goonies voice, yes i meant sloth fratelli)
- went sight seeing with my nephews in miami. while waiting for the light at an intersection, they spotted an orange lamborghini, which apparently is a very cool car. since i had my slr, i was obligated to take the photo which was a fail btw. i mean there was no way of doing this discretely but i took the shot anyway. and of course right after the camera clicks, the traffic light turned red and the car stopped right next to us. so for a good 3 minutes, we were standing at the intersection, next to the lamborghini, laughing like crazy people, facing the other way.  
can't really see it but it's that teenie tiny orange one
- first job interview after 11 years which went very well. or so i thought, nope i didn't get the job. aside from my ego being hurt, i'm still holding my head up high. i seriously feel it's their loss even though i have no experience in the field and really am not qualified for the position. ahahaha. note to self: next time they ask me why they should hire me, i should say because that's the only way you'll find out what i can do for the company instead of all the bs.
- refusing a really good deal on a phone case just because it's a basic blac. so i like colors!
- having a panic attack at a verizon store because i had to say bye bye to my ny number. i'm now a 786 girl. wattttt!
- sales person randomly saying "dirty bit" in the middle of conversation because the black eyed peas song is playing. wierd.
- while at spencer's (you know the store that sells pretty much everything party related), sophie got out of the stroller and grabbed the closest thing to her which is a bachelorette party straw that is shaped like a.... anyway my first instinct was to grab her - i don't know why- because she always makes a run for it. so there's my daughter running around the store, straw in hand, saying "mommy, i want this". great.

- my new oversized mk watch esp. with friendship bracelets
- my new iphone 4 and word with friends app! i'm addicted.
- my new turquoise colander - finally! it's been on my wishlist since christmas.
- more family in town for vacay!
left to right: me, jay, sophie, angel, cristobal, ramj, shirley, ken and matthew. this is us in south beach, stuck in a hat store because of a thunder storm. had no choice folks but to brave the pouring and i mean pouring rain
rb & richard looking cool as usual
- finally being able to use my bargain shopping skills for a friend. seriously: 2 rayban wayferer, kate spade clutch and bag, kenneth cole leather messenger bag and wedge, the sak bag, 2 haviannas, bcbg shoes and leather bag - all for $505.85
- finally seeling ny house! goodbye to paying a $3,500 mortgage on an empty house! official house hunting in effect! booyah!
- shark week oh my! and premier of curiosity on discovery. love everything outer-space and physics! and time traveling. and einstein. last night's episode was mind blowing!
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