Friday, June 25, 2010

straight lines.

straight lines or rather straight cuts bother me alot for some reason. either it has to be perfectly straight or just completely random cut. usually i put some time of border on the edges of my sheets. lately i haven't been using my paper slider cutter because i think i might've overused it on some non-paper products. well actually i take that back - i have been using it on almost anything that fits in the slider. so everything i have been making are just random shapes, rough cuts and my most favorite: ripped paper. i love ripping paper! especially when the contrasting white parts in between colored papers show through. it's also so much easier. wow i can't believe how excited i am right now. gosh i am really that shallow.
i think i see my life the same way. hmmmm. now that i think about it my life it like that. perfectly imperfect. spontaneously planned. (ate go ahead and spell check that for me) nice. i guess i can't go wrong with what i am doing and "with what i am doing".

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my little inspirations.

i had to retire my peace bead bracelet because i've overused it. i am scared that it will break. so i've turned to my thread bracelets that i got from our semi-honeymoon in boracay. i love the colors! and today i am so happy because theresa just added to my collection. best part is that it's hand-made by her. using my favorite combo at the moment: red and turquoise. i got to tell you i turn to these bracelets to pick my outfits. i know it's wierd but whatever.

good job 2010 graduates.

happy fathers day to all dads out there.


sophie wrote on my mother in law's upholstered dining chairs (yes, two of them) with black ink. of course the fabric is beige. that was my big problem yesterday. tried everything from hot water, soap, something stain remover, toothbrush and scrub. i was in panic mode. you know when you're doing something so much even though you know that nothing is working? just like when i ruined j's favorite black shoes which is now gray because i spilled the whole bottle of shoe shine on it. (while i'm at it i want to explain myself: that shoe shine from aldo was mad old that's why i was squeezing hard because nothing would come out. which is why the whole top came off. damn you aldo! from now on i will stay away from shoe shine that are on sale.)
anyway, the ink stain came out a little and when i say a little, i mean just a little. i was so worried like omg what am i gonna do. what am i going to tell her. i thought of putting both chairs on the other side of the table where no one will notice. but the thing was i wasn't sure if my mother in law saw it already and she's waiting for me to say something. or i could just leave them where they were which is front and center where it's obvious that i tried to take the stains off. either way, i'm effed because if that happened to my chairs i would go crazy!
so obviously i had to tell her right? and guess what the stain magically disappeared. wash n' resolve is the best stain remover in the world. like seriously. now if i can just find something like that for j's shoes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lost again.

so yesterday was tuesday. i sure miss waiting and watching lost. i thought the finale was the perfect ending though. like that was the best way to end the crazyness. it's really up to you to interpret everything but at the same time there's closure. or at least i had closure. in religious terms, being that the show doesn't have a specific belief and referred more to the universal truth (which really gets to me and i appreciate) i think that they "found" themselves by being lost. hmmmm kinda smart actually. i am glad that jack wasn't the jacob replacement because it's always about him. another thing about it are the pairs, what is up with that? is it because ben didn't find his mate? but again i thought the ending was perfect, i am just saying. and where the ef did the polar bears come from?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PCH roadtrip itenerary.

so this was my roadtrip list! and not including san diego. i took a little less than 2000 photos. still selecting what to upload coz they're all so nice. i am in love with california sky - turquoise which happens to be my favorite color at the moment. make that my favorite color combination - turquoise and red-orange. aaaah! like the golden gate bridge. it can't be more perfect than that.

Day 1 of Roadtrip

Jesse & Third’s – Rancho Cucamonga
[x] find out Third’s address: xxxxx Church St. #xxx Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
[x] leave at 9 am to avoid rush hour traffic

[x] hydrant

Santa Monica Pier - 200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite A Santa Monica, CA 90401
[x] Sta Monica Pier – take photo with sign
[ ] Take sophie on the carousel ride we got there way too early, still closed
[x] hydrant
[ ] penny machine didn't have any but i got an ornament

Point Dume, Malibu From Santa Monica follow Pacific Coast Highway 18-miles west to Westward Beach Road. Turn toward the ocean; go beyond the fee collection station to the very end of the road. From the 101-Freeway, exit at Kanan Road, follow it south 12-miles to Pacific Coast Highway, then turn right. Westward Beach Road is over the rise, at the foot of the hill.
[x] take photo of edge

Solvang - 1639 Copenhagen Drive, Solvang, CA 93463
[x] photo with windmill
[x] lunch
[x] eat aebleskievers
[x] hydrant
[x] penny machine
also got a pair of cute wooden shoes that i will turn into an ornament

Pismo Beach – can drive to shore
[ ] Monarch Butterflies – in season? The Monarch Butterfly Grove is located in the extreme southern end of the City of Pismo Beach just off Hwy 1. Free parking is available inside the North Beach Campground, just north of the Trees. way too tired and not in season
[x] hydrant

San Luis Obispo
[ ] Mission Plaza - 751 Palm Street San Luis Obispo CA, 93401 decided to skip this one, will do a separate missions trip
[ ] Bubble Gum Alley - 700 block of Higuera Street San Luis Obispo, CA ???

Inn at Morro Bay - 60 State Park Road Morro Bay, CA 93442 800-321-9566

Day 2 of Roadtrip

Morro Bay
[x] take picture of Morro Bay Rock
[x] Cayucos - Main St. – breakfast maybe?
[x] Elephant Seal Rookery - 250 San Simeon Ave. # 3B San Simeon, CA 93452
[x] Piedras Blancas Lighthouse 15950 Cabrillo Hwy San Simeon, CA 93452

Big Sur
[x] Ragged Point
[x] Big Sur Point- take photo
[x] Point Lobos State Park – “greatest meeting of water and land”
[x] Big Creek Bridge
[x] lunch at Nepenthe Restaurant 48510 Highway One, Big Sur, California restaurant was still closed at 10:30 am
[x] Point Sur Lighthouse
[x] take picture of Bixby Bridge
[x] take picture of Monterey Peninsula

[ ] It’s Cactus Store 22748 Portola Dr. Salinas,CA. 93908
[x] Carmel by the sea -
[ ] Barnyard 3618 The Barnyard Carmel, CA 93923
[ ] Point Pinos Lighthouse
1. Continue North on U.S. 101
2. Take Monterey Peninsula Exit
3. Follow Signs to Monterey Peninsula/CA Route 68 West
4. Continue on CA Route 68 West [Monterey-Salinas Highway]
5. Merge Left Onto CA Route 1 [Cabrillo Highway]
6. Take CA Route 68 WEST (Pacific Grove/Pebble Beach) Exit
7. Turn Right onto CA Route 68 WEST into Pacific Grove
[x] Pebble Beach
had lunch at carmel by the sea and decided to do the 17 mile drive!

Santa Cruz skipped this
[ ] Beach Boardwalk 400 Beach St. in Santa Cruz, California
[ ] Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Emen & Roy’s - xxxx Seneca Park Loop Fremont, CA 94538

Day 3 & 4 - San Francisco

San Francisco
[x] Golden Gate Bridge
[x] Fisherman’s Wharf
[x] Pier 39
[ ] Ride the Cable Car took pix instead
[x] Lombard St – Crookedest st. we actually drove the road
[x] Girardheli Square
[x] Victorian Houses
[ ] Haight Ashbury
[x] Cliff House - 1090 Point Lobos • San Francisco, CA 94121
[x] Camera Obscura
[ ] mission District
[x] San Jose – Sta. Clara Valley Hospital
we actually did the tour bus and went around the whole of downtown san francisco including china town, tenderloin, financial district and union square
crossed the golden gate bridge to sausalito
did the 39 mile scenic drive
went through the infamous filipino city, daly city

wierd feeling.

sometimes I have days when I am just so paranoid. Like right now. Is that normal? I feel like everyone hates me. Or like I am forgetting something important. Or I am boring to talk to. Like I can't look people in the eye. or there's a whole grapefruit stuck in my throat? In high school, my friends would call me "paraning" which is my last name + paranoid. I feel funny when I say "in highschool...". that's like more than 10 years ago! Man, I'm old! I actually talk in decades now. anyway so I really hate this feeling. how do i make it stop?!
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So when we were in sanfo, I had a whole list of the places we (more like I) wanted to visit and must-do things. I am proud to say that only 3 items on the list were left unchecked. One of the things I wanted to do was visit santa clara valley medical center where I was born. I was a little excited about it. Oooooh my birthplace. I mean people get excited about historical or sacred places. For example, bethlehem. A lot of people say they feel something or they have a different vibe when they visit jesus' birthplace. I've always wondered even when I was young if I will feel something if and when I visit the hospital where I was born. Where I took my first breath. If you think about it it's been almost 29 years! like I was there 29 years ago and it's my first time back. I thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, so we went there. And as soon as we entered the parking lot, I started crying because I felt like I was home. Lol hahaha just kidding. My reaction: "this is it?". And j was like, "well what did you expect?" Seriously what did I expect? I wouldn't say that it's a complete waste of time but I'm sure I am glad it was only 15 minutes away. And san jose happens to have lots of cool vintage road signs. And I got a hydrant photo in front of the hospital. So if anyone is planning to do the same thing - you may not want to go out of your way to do it.
Ps. To my sis, tinggaythinks who happens to be my spell/grammar checker: I am using my bb for this blog, so?!
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

gift shops.

wow. i didn't know how much i love gift shops until now. i love knick knacks (not sure of spelling so...). i love souvenirs! i recently upgraded my souvenirs from magnets to ornaments. hopefully by christmas, i'll have the whole tree with ornaments or else it will only be one weird tree. anyway there's something about gift shops - i just have to see everything. and the fun part is (or the sad part for the people i am with) is i don't even have to buy anything. if i am staying at a hotel, like i have to stop by the gift shop everyday. sales people must think i am a deadbeat. i guess i am. anyway today i went to the most amazing gift shop in seaport village called the urban girl accessories. o.m.g. i almost died. or i did and i was in heaven. they have everything i need. or don't need. or more like i need everything they have. or don't need. i only have 2 more days here in san diego and that means 2 more days in heaven. sorry sophie, it's going to be mama time.
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