Monday, August 30, 2010


for some reason i can't get this trumpet and base out of my head. i get goodbumps!!! sheeesh! just the intro part. and everytime i watch an old movie, i notice the soundtrack too much. damn they use a lot of trumpets back then.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


so ayazine has a facebook profile now. haven't really done anything to it yet but it's up. please click on the fb badge. and feel free to be a fan of ayazine. pretty pleeeeeeeease to my 15 followers. or i will end up in therapy. dramatic much huh?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

netflix, yeah baby.

so we are loving netflix. let's just say that it's $16 well spent. for this month, we actually watched 159 movies!!! damn! and that's not including the dvds. that's just the instant watching activity. (i don't know what's more disturbing, how much we've watched already or why i am still on the netflix website) i came across these sites too:

Monday, August 23, 2010

monday, today.

today, i had a serious case of the blues. yet again. and i have 4 reasons why. so i am going to more than 4 list things that made me smile today.
1. i came up with a great idea of taking pictures - taking 3 consecutive pictures at a time. i know it's probably old but this time make a story out of it. i can't wait to try it.
2. i made parts of 6 christmas cards today. all i have to do is assemble them when i get some card stocks.
3. j's first day at his new job, so excited for him!
4. realized that i *really* love making cards
5. watched 2 old movies on my list: war and peace, bonnie and clyde. next up on dvd queue: funny girl, that darn cat (one of my faves) and the picture of dorian gray.
emily henderson won the hgtv design star contest! love love her style
7. sophie singing fireflies

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


a: it's amazing how music can bring you back in time.
j: i can't imagine the world without music.
this was on our way back from villa roma as we're singing to the lyrics of regulate with our hearts out. with sophie and ramj in the back.
a: ramj's probably saying what the.... that's when you know you're getting old.

Monday, August 16, 2010

night train.

on our way home from ac around 10 pm, i saw a train crossing the east river heading to manhattan from brooklyn. not quite sure which train line but it was mesmerizing. i coudn't help but stare at it. now i wish i pulled my camera but i was just too lazy and tired. it's almost like a snake in a james cameron world. glow-in-the-dark, graceful machine. reminded me of one of my favorite poems: things i didn't know i loved by nazim hikmet. i am happy and sad at the same time about that. sad because i almost forgot about that poem. and that poem is very dear to me. happy because i was reminded just before i was about to forget it completely. i wonder how many things i have forgotten already. i find that everytime i "visit" the city i always go through this.

Friday, August 6, 2010

kids, tsk tsk.

one thing that's keeping us busy is solving mysteries of our own. disappearance of everyday things. our only clue: sophie. yeah she's been hiding our things. one time we spent 2 days looking for our tv remote. remote control btw is a very important thing. we found it buried in our sock drawer.
the other day, the ps3 was making wierd sounds non stop. having 3 controller doesn't help either. anyway we found it behind the radiator. really? behind the radiator? we also found more things: my moisturizer, old animal crackers, of course toys and my book, for one more day. oh yeah that was my reason for not finishing that book.
today, i spent the entire afternoon looking for my white sandals and j's keys. keys seem to be missing all the time as it is. ang guess where i found it? inside the subwoofer of our livingroom surround. the only reason i found it was the key finder that was given to us by rhodorathexplorer. which was missing also. so i had to find that first.
the funny thing is that everytime we ask sophie where she put them, she always tells us the truth. we just don't understand what she's trying to say. and after solving the "mysteries" we're like "ooooh that's what she meant". *sigh* the joys of parenthood.

pic of the week.

for some reason i love this pic. yey for this year's vbs theme: egypt.

Late night with ayan.

So I've been staring at the ceiling fan for a good 2 hours. I can't sleep. Well actually I just woke up and now I can't go back to sleep. Like I've so much stuff going on inside my head.
1. I find it so weird how big my eyes are when I can't sleep.
2. I feel like everyone hates me. I know when I feel that way it's usually because I am guilty of something. In this case, its because I made an "insensitive" comment to my mom last saturday. Although she didn't care, she doesn't even have a clue. Like I said "in my head". Still I wish I could turn back time. 3. My august list:
- meatpacking district
- take sophie to central park zoo
- visit a museum
- start my xmas cards!!
- take care of sophie's passport, please
- read don quixote and count of monte cristo but first finish for one more day
- watch old movies or I should say classic movies on my "other" list
- jones beach
- meet j for lunch at bryant park before he moves downtown
- pizza cone
- unique second hand store and find old books with thick pages, glass jars, vintage typewriter.
- get my dad's old nikon working
4. The thing I hate the most is when sophie's sick. I seriously just wanted to cry earlier. I think mothers, or I should say i automatically blame myself when something happens to sophie because I am the closest person who can understand what she wants and what she feels.
5. I am still a scaredy cat. Before I started this entry, I was in the office making a birthday card. And then I just scared myself by thinking of what might be staring at me on the other side of the window. Now I am here in bed witj my bb too lazy to find the remote. (I could be watching breakfast at tiffany right now.)
6. Sophie is never going to sleep in her own bed. It's not even because of us. It's this bed! It's so damn comfortable.
7. As I was pouring draino into our bath tub drain, I remembered that I used to be so scared of looking into the drain. Yeah thanks to it. I didn't even think of scary stuff but instead how does the drain work? because if you look carefully when the water goes down it only goes down up to a certain level. Like it only goes down when the water is running.
8. What am I going to wear tom?
9. I need a haircut and my bangs back. But junko, my hairstylist moved uptown! How in the world am i going to do it?

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