well hello there! 
i’m ayan! a scorpion born in 1981. i was born in california. raised in the philippines. new york transplant in 2000. 
in 2006, i met my hubby, jay. within 6 months, we moved in together, got engaged, adopted the best cockapoo ever - max and got married. crazy i know! and yes we're still together. what can i say, we're so lucky to find each other!
after two years, we gave birth to our beautiful daughter, sophie. she's the best thing that ever happened to us!!

more about me.  
i love creating. something.anything.
i am scared of forgetting memories – happy or sad so i try to document everything. which is why…
i am a chronic picture taker.
and an avid collector of everything. unfortunately including junk.
i take photos of hydrants.
i appreciate fashion a lot.
i love cooking and baking. and eating.
i’m a list maker.
i love albert einstein.
and all of audrey hepburn movies.
i love all different eras but my favorite is the 70s.
i am often caught on the spot when asked one-answer questions like what's your favorite song? movie? 
i'm baptist.
i'm an ex-pen merchant. seriously. i used to sell pens.

welcome to my blog. i am well aware that i often mispeel things lol and sometimes i am grammatically incorrect. but i have a good excuse for that! i just type words that come to my mind and it's not because i’m just plain lazy when it comes to that.

about my blogs
i started AYAZINE in 2009, inspired by a quote that goes something like "thoughts that remain in your mind doesn't count". don't really remember the exact words. well my friends, the wheels in head are always turning. that and i also wanted a creative outlet. because i do create things. i live by these words: "i see life and everything we do to live as art" by ayan. that's me.
i've always admired the fashion bloggers from afar. in february 2011, i joined the 30 for 30 challenge by kendi and rediscovered my love for fashion. i realized that i was starting to blog more and more about fashion and my personal style. so i created adventures of ayan+sophie which is about my adventures into unfamiliar territories: motherhood and s.a.h.m. (stay at home mommy), just to keep everything simple.
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