Wednesday, April 21, 2010

electric post.

see that's why i like flickr. so apparently i am not the only one with a wierd obssession. this photo was picked to be in a group for electric post photos. cool. shout out to andres_fq.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

tourist for a day.

i've been to main st., flushing (to walk around) more times when i lived in sunnyside than now that i live 10 minutes away. that is pretty sad. i love little asian boutiques and 99 cents shops! i love pho! i even like riding the bus. and i was so excited to take sophie for her first bus ride. we (my sister, garet and sophie)went to morning glory - one of my favorite stores. i was so overwhelmed that i left empty handed.
i seriously felt like an annoying tourist with the camera. it was almost embarassing to stop and take photos. but i did anyway! so?! i am not very happy with the little pictures i took but i am glad i was able to do it. and i took a hydrant picture. yey! we had to pretend we were on line for the bus and my sister had to go in the middle of the street to take the shot. people were probably like wtf. and then after we were like "oh it's the wrong bus" loud enough for everyone to hear. lol.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

baby quilt.

sophie is growing so fast. went through all her clothes and they're all pretty much small on her. i can't give 'em away because most of them have stains and i don't want to throw them out coz they're so cute (not because i am a hoarder(i am not being defensive)). my sister gave me a great idea of turning them into a quilt. it's a big project but i have every reason to do it. 1. keepsake + memories 2. finally put my mom's sewing machine into use (since last year it has been back and forth from her house to ours and that thing is damn heavy) 3. finally learn to use a sewing machine 4. free up some space in our laundry room 5. for fun! now i just have to go through them again!

Monday, April 12, 2010

ayan's hydrants.

so i came across this blog: where this guy sets his camera on self-timer for 2 seconds and tries to run from it as far away as possible. i thought it's really cool. so i created another blog dedicated to my hydrants. so!? because i wanted to. check out

Sunday, April 11, 2010

8.4 million dolphins killed every year.

last night i just saw one of the most heartbreaking documentary film, the cove. i mean i've heard about the "save the whales" and even hayden panettiere being involved with the dolphins but i never really bothered to get the details. who knew that 23,000 dolphins are being slaughtered in taiji, japan everyday. everyday. seriously. and that's just one of many spots where this terrible crime happens. it's not even a crime but it should be.
i've watched shamu and the dolphins when we went to sea world before and yes i've seen flipper on tv. amazing but if you really think about it they are captives masked by their facial features that look like big smiles. dolphins in the wild travel/swim on an average of 40,000 miles or something like that (a lot!) daily. and show dolphins don't even have a mile of space. and these are the "lucky ones" who got picked while the rest of their batch were killed for their meat. and for money.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


so it turns out that pain really is subjective. i've heard and read that so many times but never actually cared until my last visit to my endo. *wow* another enlightenment. i like my doctor very much. she's cool and everyone who works at her office are so hot! like seriously.
anyway, 6 months ago, i found out that i have 3 enlarged nodules on my thyroid. one of them is cystic but nothing to worry about. it's benign. and last tuesday i woke up and i was in so much pain. the right side of my throat hurt so much. like my cyst was dislodged (if that's even possible) or even dangling. yeah it was painful. so anyway my doctor's diagnosis: "you're stressed out and it's all in your head. go to the gym or go shopping." of course she had a longer explaination and i really wish i could remember everything she said. because what can i tell you i am cured! and that's after taking her advise and going straight to ac that day.
another fun fact i learned that day is that even amputees who are experiencing phantom pains are given pain killers. doctors are actually required to prescribe them pain killers. just like my thryroid - there's actually no nerves on the gland. if i was feeling pain (which i did), it would've been caused by the surrounding area of the thryroid and that would only happen if my cyst grew bigger but not in my case.
pain/endurance is a state of mind. yup like in martial arts movies. in reality, we don't actually always control our brains but we can. that is the power of the mind. nice to know i am a kung fu fighter deep inside. yeah really really deep inside.
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