Thursday, July 14, 2011

a&a thursday.

- for some reason laundry day turned into laundry week. and everytime i do a load, i usually put in whatever oddball clothes lying around like my fave worn out, holey, tiedyed shirt and denim cutoffs. so pretty much i wore those the whole week. when i take max out in the am, i usually say hi to the neighbor. and yesterday i caught him staring at me and my shirt. like "you need some new clothes girl"
- repair man coming in the middle of cleaning day and laundry day. really?
- being sooooooo nervous to put gas in the car. sorry i don't do that. i leave that to hubs. followed all the instructions up to the step where it said "press the type of gas" and i did! i pressed the big button where it says 97 multiple times only it's not the right button. it's actually not a button. it's the tiny button above it. what a loser. this is why i refuse to do it.
- having 4 friends on the complicated google+. who's on it? i'd love to be more connected, please leave your email. p.s. i've one invite left to whoever wants it.

- yesterday i was featured at by the wonderful rachel. woohoo. i'm extra excited beacuse it's one of the blogs that i personally follow. her blog is full of great fashion and some awesome diys.
- receiving great news about our ny house
- staying up late and lord of the rings marathon with hubs
- happy hour at benihana, unfortunately no alcohol for us, just half off sushi!!!!!!!!
- i'm on outfit 18 of the 30 for 30
- family arriving on saturday for summer vaca
- house hunting online!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

easy d.i.y. maxi dress.

i tried this dress on at forever21 and couldn't get my self to pay $27 for it just because it just looked like a very easy d.i.y. project. although i loved it on me, the fabric was nothing special. so anyway, while i was at the marshall's home section, i found this shower curtain for $3!!! i loved the monochromatic purples and the lines! i knew it was perfect for a maxi dress! i used this tutorial i found on ebew with a little modification: i added elastic in the waist area. so proud of my new dress! a maxi for $3 bucks! you can't beat that!!
i am linking this up at's wear*it wednesday for the first time! if you want an awesome read with lots of fashion and refashion, definitely check out their blog! i love a good, cheap maxi - perfect summer staple!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hello, yellow, how have you been?

yey for another ebew! this month's theme is: yellow. and who doesn't love a bright and cheery outfit! check out the ebew website to see everyone's yellow style. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

white pants.

i actually bought this top 3 years ago when i was preggy and i've been hanging on to it ever since because i am in love with this mint color. i always plan to wear it and i always fail to do so. i have it in my head that loose clothing makes me look shapeless and 50 lbs.  heavier but then again i wore this so much when i was 50 lbs. heavier. i'm glad i included this top and my white pants in my 30 picks because i am loving this outfit!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the show must go on.

so we were watching price is right yesterday. how exciting! ahaha. actually we were waiting for atlantis' last launch on tv and then price is right was on. and let me tell this was one crazy episode. first, one of the showcase girls accidentally hits one of the prizes - a huge flat screen tv! second, the rotating showcase started  emitting smoke. lots and lots of smoke. you can see the staff trying to figure out where the smoke is coming from. of course they had to do commercial. third, as soon as the show came back on, it was pitch black. apparently the main lights were off. like drew carey and the showcase girls had flashlights. like they were all using flashlights!! at this point it was starting to be funny. fourth, in the middle of announcing the showcase, everything just burst into flames. like real fire everywhere. it was unbelievable! and they were just doing the show like there's nothing. the contestants were all screaming and excited about the prizes. not the freaking fire next to them!!! and finally as drew carey was saying goodbye, the entire beam holding the spotlights and stuff just fell right behind him!!! what in the world just happend!?!? i am not making this stuff up! and just you guys believe me, it's on youtube. i hope that's just a publicity stunt and that noone got hurt because i'm sorry it was kind of funny.
on another note, i wore this to the casino for a last minute q.t. with my dad before he leaves for the philippines. and yes that's a john lennon tribute behind me. one of my favorite people in the world. this is also me wearing pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been 2 months since i last wore pants!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy 4th.

1. all our plans for this 4th of july weekend were pretty much cancelled rescheduled for next weekend because of sophie's booboo. we were going to have picnic at the beach and i had a whole menu (ina garten style) planned as well. so instead we went to hollywood boardwalk and had seafood pizza and ice cream. tomorrow we're having burgerssssssss and hotdogs and looking forward to watching some fireworks from our balcony!!
2. today is my sister, garet or as i call her inggay (nickname from nowhere) so happy b! we miss you.
3. it's papa's last weekend with us. on friday, he will be homeward bound to the philippines. so that means this will probably be the last you'll see our backs. bon voyage, papa. see you in december.
happy 4th of july everyone! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

girls' day out (sort of).

so after the bathroom incident that lead to a trip to the emergency room, sophie and i decided to lay low, stay home and just chillax. and do girly things!! so the past two days we painted our nails...
did a fashion shoot...
and we did crazy things!!! like watch tv all day long and eat junk food! yep, that's crazy for us! i've limited sophie to 1 movie a day and some morning kids show and definitely no more junk food for her because we're trying to teach her to finish her meals.
so today we went back to the er for the follow up on her booboo. and yey everything is good. what am i talking about as soon as we got back from er on the day of the accident, she was back to normal! no pain, no crying - nothing. only i am more paranoid now! ahaha.
this is us in the waiting room reading a spanish magazine no less...
this is us with papa waiting in car for daddy...
and finally a hydrant shot of course!

last sunday's outfit.

for church, supposedly. both my babies didn't wake up though. so i guess this is next sunday's outfit. see how i remixed this dress here.
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