Thursday, March 8, 2012

rainy thursday.

- a very sci fi morning. major solar flares today. magnetic force field affected. satelite disruptions. like i said very sci fi.

- 6th or 7th year anniversary today. which means date night! we're so lucky because we actually really love each other. what are the chances that that actually happen in our present lifetime. if you think about it, it's really amazing!

- rainy commute and it's not stopping today.

- someone is wearing the same exact top as mine! only i rocked it better. lol.

- outfit of the day.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


craving for something sweet and homebaked. oatmeal raisin cookies or thumbprint cookies?? since this whole week is about eating anyway! seriously. t.o.m. is my excuse!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

blogging blues.

so this blogger max upload sucks. i also found out that my icloud storage has also reached it's max. and so is my phone. what in the world is going on? those are not going to stop me from blogging or else my head is going to reach its max too. lol.
outfit shot today is over at instagram - feel free to follow me there.

Monday, March 5, 2012

cold front.

yes, the cold front came in last night. it's cold today. and i want to stay in bed. i knew those patron shots last night were going to get me somehow. yesterday, we had dinner at a friend's house - couple actually. drinks and really good food. in their awesome house. we're inspired to keep working on our house. and have convinced hubs to stay away from ultra modern. yes!

i have reached the maximum photo limit on blogger. really? now what? follow me on instagram - ayazine - until i figure out what to do.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


for breakfast, sophie and i made pancake puffs for the first time. so easy and a lot better than pancakes. no photos because it was consumed pretty fast.
fresh white hydrangias, my fave.
a new painting in the works. 48x60 and this is the first of 2. 7 train to go in our living room.
a quick swim before heading out to movie theater.
premovie treat. vanilla and cake batter with white choco chips, cookie dough, yogurt covered raisins and cherries. nope, this was my cup.
photo op at the parking lot.
lorax - we all loved it and we just might plant a tree to grow with our family.
furniture shopping. this is number 1 candidate for our leaning mirror. livethe frame.

Friday, March 2, 2012

papas painting.

that now hangs in our dining area. purdy. i love.

wishful thinking.

needed a sugar boost, wondering why it's no one's birthday today. it seems like we have a bday celebration every week here in my department. poof! of course it's someone's bday! power of wishful thinking.

happy birthday, dr. seuss.

twilight zone.

last night was creepy. i woke up so thirsty at exactly 2:59 am - i am not kidding!! to find my hubs just waking up from a bad nightmare. so that would make it exactly 3:00 am! and he wanted to tell me about his dream and i begged him not to because then i'll get scared but he managed to say "it's like paranormal". you know the movie. great! so then i started thinking about it as i force my self to sleep. sure enough i had a nightmare too. about the movie that scares the crap out of me - the fourth kind. that i was abducted by aliens. and the freaking owls! unbelievable! yes, that is why i'm not a big fan of owls. if you haven't seen that movie, go ahead and watch it because everyone seems to disagree with me. that it's not that scary. well i hate that movie man! i wish i never saw it.

we woke up late of course as a result of this. left the tv on all night on the shopping channel. which made us more late because as soon as i woke up i couldn't help but watch that damn slow cooker make gourmet meals in minutes!

t.g.i.f. peeps!

(pants, sweater: old navy, flats: jcrew, watch: mk, bangles: laula rowe, necklace: f21)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

hello, yellow.

yellow is usually not my first pick. in my head it makes my skin tone yellowish. don't ask. but i thought this was a perfect outfit today because the weather is so nice out. 82 degrees!!!! summertime is here!

this weekend, hubs suggested we do something spontanous. if that's even possible - planning spontaneity. ironic i know. that's us. we always plan something but never really plan it. let's just say we moved down to florida in 3 weeks and that includes the time we found out the possibility. i mean we were planning on leaving ny without any plans. just a whole lot of faith in god and us. can't go wrong with that, right? now that i think about it, i've always been like that. moving to ny. getting married. having baby. quitting my job. returning to work. i think i'm on to something here because those are some of the best things i've done!

(shirt, skirt, tank: f21, necklace: jcrew, watch: mk, flats: gap)
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