Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it works!

I can't sleep and I am to lazy to get up to use the computer. It's about time that I use my bb for something. I'm not big on texting or bbm-ing but I still *heart* my full querty keyboard!! Anyway, here are some things on mind.
1. I accidentally sent an email to all the members of my church. Ooops. It was around 1 am. Then I started thinking who might be awake around this time. I am. After having sophie, this is reAlly late for me. Gosh I'm getting old. I used to go out all night and go straight to work. I realized that I haven't slept straight since sophie was born.
2. Because babies are smaller how come it feels that time is longer for them. Like a day would be equivalent to 2 days for them. Like a day in an ant's life is like 5 mins for us. But it's really all the same time.
3. My sis in law forwarded a link of this blog called myhusbandisannoying. So freaking funny! I wonder how many of the readers actually googled "my husband is annoying".
4. I am getting tired of new york weather.
5. Boo from monster inc. Reminds me so much of my daughter. So cute!
Wow I can really use my bb for this! Awesome.

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