Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pseudo day off.

everytime j works from home i'd like to think it's my day off. but i end up doing so much more. i usually end up doing big "projects" that i never have time for.
1. i cleared out my desk. i was going through all the little things that i have been keeping for scrapbook pages. gosh i am so behind - like 3 or 4 years behind so that's basically since i got married. i think that is a good sign. hahaha we don't know how long we've been married. j thinks 5 years. we have to go through this everytime. note to self - check marriage certificate. so anyway i found three envelopes with sophie's hair. am i going to keep some of her hair everytime she gets a haircut? but everytime IS special!!!! i also found some background paper i made using photoshop. i found the thank you note from locks of love for when i donated my hair.2. gave max a much needed haircut. i finally got to try the old shaver thingie that my aunt gave me for max. it didn't go too well, well it didn't even work. i ended up doing it the old fashioned way - using our kitchen scissors. i trimmed all the hair on top of his body but had some trouble doing the bottom. mind you i had to do this in the tub with our heavy duty industrial vacuum on. so max now has a goatee. and a bald spot. sorry, buddy. but yey i was able to fit him in some of sophie's old clothes.
3. went through the instructions and manuals binders. yes just like it sounds, i have 3 big binders where i keep all the instructions and manuals from everything we own. that includes all electronics, appliances, furnitures, watches, sunglasses, toys, etc. although i never need any of them again, i keep 'em. i guess when something breaks it's a good excuse to upgrade and buy a new one. which is why i needed to go through them - get rid of the old ones and replace them with the new ones. we usually send our old electronics - broken or not to the philippines. they can pretty much fix anything there. so this year, we will be sending a flat tv (needs new bulb), ps3 (needs new power thingie), digital camera (needs new battery and sd card), blackberry pearl (needs new case) and an ipod nano. that's crazy i think. at least i have all the manuals and stuff!

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