Sunday, January 24, 2010

time travel.

last night i was telling j that time travel is possible. haha. i'm no quantum physicist or anything - obviously and i haven't a clue if time travelling is possible. in the future maybe they have already invented a time machine - let me rephrase that because that just sounds corny. in the future they would've figured out how time travelling works - if it's through holes in space or just a plug and play gadget. so in reality there might be people from the future right now - just watching us.
the time zones are so wierd. you actually "time adjust" if you're at a different time zone. i mean what happens if you live 5 minutes away from the time zone line. you're practically living in 2 time periods. that's cool! i can easily do that - i am definitely adding that on my bucket list.
anyway, i don't know what i was thinking. you got to be really fast to time travel. the earth is in constant motion right? unless you are faster than the earth's spin, you can't travel through time. and i am gonna stop right here because i can't even explain what i am thinking. (note to self: stop getting into wierd conversation)
j thinks i am having lost withdrawal. and just for the record - no, i don't think lost is real. it's just a damn good show!

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