Thursday, February 4, 2010

an isteytsayd life.

shout out to my brother, third. or as i like to call him: toyd (when i was young i couldn't pronounce third) he's an english professor in up and now works for san bernardino times. his blog, pinoy in america, will soon become a book! tentatively titled, "an isteytsayd life: not-so-random thoughts from a pinoy living in america".

just read his last blog about home and moving. i have lived so many places too. i was born in san jose, ca and spent most of my childhood until elemantary in bicol. in highschool, i moved to makati - san antonio village and bormaheco. in 2000, i moved to new york - i stayed at my uncle's house (45th st) in sunnyside for 2 years or so, then when i could finally afford rent i moved in a house 3 blocks away (49th st). then a year and a half later, moved to an apartment on 43rd st. in 2006, i moved in with j.

i remember having a conversation with j before when i was feeling home-sick (usually i get home-sick after a long shower or after swimming when my fingers are wringkly, i don't know why i just do) - i didn't know which home i was home-sick about.

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