Saturday, February 20, 2010

profile pic.

omg i hate picking a profile pic. how do you pick one? when i pick one, it usually stays forever. this is my friendster pic and i guess it's still there - the last time i logged on (aside from tonight to get this photo and oooh friendster changed their look and layout but i'm still scared to go on friendster coz i got a virus once) was probably 2007. i call this one passport pic. i actually took that years ago using the bathroom mirror at work. i was bored, so what? lol. so anyway i used my boss' camera and of course being me i forgot to delete all the pix. and oh boy i took lots of photos. what's worse is that he took the camera home and his whole family saw my photos. yes photos of me making different faces and trying different smiles. barf. yup that is one of my most embarassing moment! this one is my main profile pic on facebook. taken in 2006, las vegas wearing my favorite shirt! hahaha, just noticed that there is a really wierd guy making a really wierd face sitting behind me. wierd. lol. and then there's this. i think it's a good choice. my face is the background and blurred because i am shy. and there's this frog that has no connection to me whatsoever. and my cam strap which i'm very attached to right now. hahaha, just kidding. it's the best one i can find right now. i don't make a big deal out of anything especially a photo of me. i just like to think i have a lot of layers like dan brown's book. yes you, dan brown, you did this to me. btw, i finished the lost symbol over the weekend. it's. so. good.

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