Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day.

my first experience of snow in my whole life was in 2000. of course i wasn't dressed properly. i refused to wear hat and gloves. it was like a special occassion. me, my aunt and cousins drove all the way to sports authority parking lot just so we can take pictures. lol. hey that can be a good topic for my brother to write on his pinoy in america blog. haha.
just finished shovelling outside. i actually like doing it. it's a good workout i think. i love sprinkling the salt and wait for the snow to melt. after that, took sophie outside - omg she loves the snow! and eating it (shhh don't tell daddy-o). we took some photos. and now we're just relaxing, drinking our hot choco. yummy!
up next, snowman! (yup. wish me luck.)

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