Thursday, April 15, 2010

tourist for a day.

i've been to main st., flushing (to walk around) more times when i lived in sunnyside than now that i live 10 minutes away. that is pretty sad. i love little asian boutiques and 99 cents shops! i love pho! i even like riding the bus. and i was so excited to take sophie for her first bus ride. we (my sister, garet and sophie)went to morning glory - one of my favorite stores. i was so overwhelmed that i left empty handed.
i seriously felt like an annoying tourist with the camera. it was almost embarassing to stop and take photos. but i did anyway! so?! i am not very happy with the little pictures i took but i am glad i was able to do it. and i took a hydrant picture. yey! we had to pretend we were on line for the bus and my sister had to go in the middle of the street to take the shot. people were probably like wtf. and then after we were like "oh it's the wrong bus" loud enough for everyone to hear. lol.

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