Friday, May 7, 2010

i am relaxed!!! no seriously. i'm not kidding.

so this week's been a little crazy. just got back from vegas on sunday so that means laundry and grocery shopping. worked on tuesday. hand made 100 r&r invitations. and now i am packing for next week's trip - 7 days for me, j and sophie. i've been juggling everything from doing laundry (which means folding clothes also), doing the invitations, chores and errands. seriously like last wednesday my day went like this: made breakfast and grilled j's healthy lunch, took j to main st. at the same time pick my sister up, then stopped by the gas station, then went to cvs to get my dad and father in law's meds, went to the bank to deposit my paycheck from the day before (caching!), staples to get ink for the printer, grocery shopping, cooked pancit for lunch, ate and washed dishes and bottles, took sophie to the park, made her sleep as soon as we got home, figured out how to use this damn printer, printed the invitations, assembled the sinamay to the invitations by hand if i may say so, still printing, then sophie woke up and fed her, took inggay to the train station and picked j up, faithful mr. softie was waiting for us when we got home so we bought sophie ice cream, had a quick dinner, washed dishes, still printing, made sophie sleep, continued with the invitations and then j was like, "why don't you just relax already?". and i had to stop and think for a sec. i was actually not tired. in fact i was relaxed in a wierd way. seriously. i probably didn't look like it (because i had an allergy attack after the park and when i say attack i mean attack) but i was. i think everytime i am creating something i automatically turn my zen mode on. i did 50 invites that night and that took a lot of time but it's funny that i can't remember now what was going through my head during those time. i guess you we are capable of thinking about nothing. oh wait, i do remember something, or not. whatever. the invites looks good. so. good.

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