Monday, May 24, 2010

my new project book.

so this morning j gave me a new project book. i am such a sucker for any kind of notebooks, planners and and organizers. i was so excited. immediately i started writing and all of a sudden i had 5 ongoing lists: r+r wedding, california 10-day trip, house chores, things to buy and san diego itenerary. anyone who knew me back when i was single knows that i am/was a compulsive list maker. one of my friends nicknamed me "the listmaker" (using a deep voice that you would hear in a nicholas cage action movie trailer, lol) when i met j, i had lots of lists taped up on my wall. pretty creepy actually, so glad he saw right through that.
anyway, there's something about having a list that makes me want to just do things. like my house chores. i cleaned the whole kitchen today, our china cabinet and our dresser. these are the chores that i know i have to do but never get to it because it's not that bad. i get satisfaction from checking off and finishing a list.
when i started on my california 10-day trip list, o.m.g. i just went nuts. i started thinking of scrapbook ideas, went overboard on the itenerary, had a lot of opened windows on my computer, my things to buy list just kept adding up. i seriously had to stop and tell myself to like calm down. and the funny thing was it bothered me because i should've written those list on my journal instead of this new book because it feels temporary. so i decided to transfer the lists to my journal and i had to write the feeling why i was doing it. and stopped at the first line. because i actually have a blog now. so yeah. weird sh*t.

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