Wednesday, May 5, 2010


anyone who knows me knows i love all kinds of "desktop" supplies (if there's such a thing - i made that up). lol. school supplies, office supplies, art supplies, scrapbooking, sewing, painting, cutting, home improvement, just about everything i can use to create something. and i'm pretty much the go to person is anyone needs something. shirley once asked me for an old school fastener (yeah the metal one) and i actually had one. but there is one item i don't have or i can't seem to find because it's so common that i must have one. i mean how can i not have one? a ruler. yes, a simple, dependable ruler. seriously, it's a long process for me to make a straight and exact line. i have a tape measure and i have a paper cutter with measurements. so yeah i've been using those to measure and an old folder to make a straight line. now that i think about it, it's ridiculous. i could have saved so much time if i had a ruler. and that's just a ruler. (uh oh here it comes) we probably waste so much time on using the wrong things. things are so easy if you have the right tool or should i say nothing is difficult if you use the right tool. yeah but tools now are so complicated. too much features like my blackberry. gosh don't get me started on that. in thoreau's walden, we have become the tools of our tools or something like that. and gosh ain't that the truth. our phone is pretty much like a leash. i'm happy and proud to say i am not tied to my phone. in fact i always forget my phone (my husband is not very happy about that) and i never read my texts on time. anyway, so yeah i need a ruler.
side note: if i didn't have this blog, i would have probably thought about this thought but no one would know or i would feel really bad for the person i am with at that time. right that's why i used to own to email myself and that didn't work out. yey for blogging.

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