Tuesday, May 18, 2010

villa roma.

just got back from an 8-day vaca. catskills. (woohoo for upstate new york, lol) but there are actually some pretty interesting places to see near the callicoon area. there's the woodstock, apparently the biggest kaleidoscope is somewhere in that area, a lot of second hand and antique stores and umm i guess that's it. there's really not much to do there. i had 2 goals: take a pic of the yasgur farm and take sophie to a petting farm (i was really looking forward to this one). unfortunately, i didn't get to do both due to weather conditions. (grrr, don't you just hate that) damn it's cold upstate. nevertheless, i had so much fun!! took a lot of pix and spent $600 at walmart! yes, half of that went to food. i finally bought rain boots to replace my old one (yes, they're so comfy and i can use them for gardening which i plan to do soon and yes for rain which is why i made it a point to head out to blockbuster yesterday in the "pouring rain"). bought 2 of the hardest puzzle we could find, jengga (finally), and yey for granimal and miley cyrus clothes. yeah, so what? that's sophie and my pangbahay. anyway, i am back.

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