Tuesday, June 22, 2010


sophie wrote on my mother in law's upholstered dining chairs (yes, two of them) with black ink. of course the fabric is beige. that was my big problem yesterday. tried everything from hot water, soap, something stain remover, toothbrush and scrub. i was in panic mode. you know when you're doing something so much even though you know that nothing is working? just like when i ruined j's favorite black shoes which is now gray because i spilled the whole bottle of shoe shine on it. (while i'm at it i want to explain myself: that shoe shine from aldo was mad old that's why i was squeezing hard because nothing would come out. which is why the whole top came off. damn you aldo! from now on i will stay away from shoe shine that are on sale.)
anyway, the ink stain came out a little and when i say a little, i mean just a little. i was so worried like omg what am i gonna do. what am i going to tell her. i thought of putting both chairs on the other side of the table where no one will notice. but the thing was i wasn't sure if my mother in law saw it already and she's waiting for me to say something. or i could just leave them where they were which is front and center where it's obvious that i tried to take the stains off. either way, i'm effed because if that happened to my chairs i would go crazy!
so obviously i had to tell her right? and guess what the stain magically disappeared. wash n' resolve is the best stain remover in the world. like seriously. now if i can just find something like that for j's shoes.

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