Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on my current list.

so every now and then i make a list of things i love at the moment. i know it's so silly but hey whatever. everyone shoud do it. you'd be surprised to find out how much you've changed. or how much you've grown as a person. or better yet how much everything around you has changed. it's good to keep track of the things that inspire you. (note to self: dig up some old list from 2000 when i started doing this) so i want to share some stuff on my list at the moment:
1. big signages in bright colors and watertanks
2. turquoise and red orange color combo
3. vintage caramics and knicknacks
4. crocs for kids
5. my love necklace 6. hgtv's sarah's house
7. red mango's madagascar vanilla
8. old photographs9. bangles and bracelets
10. exposed brick as backround
11. my leather hole puncher

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