Friday, August 6, 2010

kids, tsk tsk.

one thing that's keeping us busy is solving mysteries of our own. disappearance of everyday things. our only clue: sophie. yeah she's been hiding our things. one time we spent 2 days looking for our tv remote. remote control btw is a very important thing. we found it buried in our sock drawer.
the other day, the ps3 was making wierd sounds non stop. having 3 controller doesn't help either. anyway we found it behind the radiator. really? behind the radiator? we also found more things: my moisturizer, old animal crackers, of course toys and my book, for one more day. oh yeah that was my reason for not finishing that book.
today, i spent the entire afternoon looking for my white sandals and j's keys. keys seem to be missing all the time as it is. ang guess where i found it? inside the subwoofer of our livingroom surround. the only reason i found it was the key finder that was given to us by rhodorathexplorer. which was missing also. so i had to find that first.
the funny thing is that everytime we ask sophie where she put them, she always tells us the truth. we just don't understand what she's trying to say. and after solving the "mysteries" we're like "ooooh that's what she meant". *sigh* the joys of parenthood.

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