Friday, August 6, 2010

Late night with ayan.

So I've been staring at the ceiling fan for a good 2 hours. I can't sleep. Well actually I just woke up and now I can't go back to sleep. Like I've so much stuff going on inside my head.
1. I find it so weird how big my eyes are when I can't sleep.
2. I feel like everyone hates me. I know when I feel that way it's usually because I am guilty of something. In this case, its because I made an "insensitive" comment to my mom last saturday. Although she didn't care, she doesn't even have a clue. Like I said "in my head". Still I wish I could turn back time. 3. My august list:
- meatpacking district
- take sophie to central park zoo
- visit a museum
- start my xmas cards!!
- take care of sophie's passport, please
- read don quixote and count of monte cristo but first finish for one more day
- watch old movies or I should say classic movies on my "other" list
- jones beach
- meet j for lunch at bryant park before he moves downtown
- pizza cone
- unique second hand store and find old books with thick pages, glass jars, vintage typewriter.
- get my dad's old nikon working
4. The thing I hate the most is when sophie's sick. I seriously just wanted to cry earlier. I think mothers, or I should say i automatically blame myself when something happens to sophie because I am the closest person who can understand what she wants and what she feels.
5. I am still a scaredy cat. Before I started this entry, I was in the office making a birthday card. And then I just scared myself by thinking of what might be staring at me on the other side of the window. Now I am here in bed witj my bb too lazy to find the remote. (I could be watching breakfast at tiffany right now.)
6. Sophie is never going to sleep in her own bed. It's not even because of us. It's this bed! It's so damn comfortable.
7. As I was pouring draino into our bath tub drain, I remembered that I used to be so scared of looking into the drain. Yeah thanks to it. I didn't even think of scary stuff but instead how does the drain work? because if you look carefully when the water goes down it only goes down up to a certain level. Like it only goes down when the water is running.
8. What am I going to wear tom?
9. I need a haircut and my bangs back. But junko, my hairstylist moved uptown! How in the world am i going to do it?

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