Monday, August 23, 2010

monday, today.

today, i had a serious case of the blues. yet again. and i have 4 reasons why. so i am going to more than 4 list things that made me smile today.
1. i came up with a great idea of taking pictures - taking 3 consecutive pictures at a time. i know it's probably old but this time make a story out of it. i can't wait to try it.
2. i made parts of 6 christmas cards today. all i have to do is assemble them when i get some card stocks.
3. j's first day at his new job, so excited for him!
4. realized that i *really* love making cards
5. watched 2 old movies on my list: war and peace, bonnie and clyde. next up on dvd queue: funny girl, that darn cat (one of my faves) and the picture of dorian gray.
emily henderson won the hgtv design star contest! love love her style
7. sophie singing fireflies

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