Friday, September 10, 2010

fish gone wrong.

so yesterday i decided to cook cod since my dad and sophie are the only ones in our house who likes fish. i found this really simple recipe (without the shrimp) online. so simple right? i don't know exactly what happened but i over cooked the garlic and under cooked the tomatoes. i ended up putting too much salt. so as a remedy, don't ask me why, i decided to add a little sinigang mix (tamarind based seasoning). a little - yeah right, a little too much is more like it. and then i added water, once again too much. at this point i coudn't taste the fish anymore, and the bitterness of the brown garlic and the tomatoes. so i removed some of the liquid. man i was so frustrated! i wanted to throw everything out. my dad was probably wondering why i was talking and laughing by myself with all the smoke in the kitchen and the exhaust on high. wierdo. so anyway i followed the last step which is to wait until all the juice evaporates. and believe it or not, i still served it. oh yeah i forgot to mention that fish tends to shrink when cooked. esp when overcooked. so anyway it looked really wierd. hands up to my brave dad for trying it anyway. note to self: just fry the damn thing next time!

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