Monday, November 1, 2010

ayazine breaking news.

1. i am 29 years old. i still remember when i wished to be 30 already. and here i am in the future! that makes me a time traveler because we are all traveling through time. if you really really really think about it. happy birthday to me. thanks ma.
2. if the world ends and everything is wiped out whether by water or earth. new living creatures will evolve into something human level - that's of course after billions or years maybe trillions of years. and then they will discover something mysterious and amazing (like how we discovered the pyramids, stone henge) from our time and they will think that we had help from the aliens too.
3. so i wrote an email to genevieve gorder about a "standing crib" - basically a narrow crib-like designed for toddler to stand on esp when you have a very "helpful" toddler who love baking and cooking with mommy. if it exist, we want one.
4. sophie's frist trick or treating was a success!
5. i discovered that i have excellent skills in negotiating. like as in buying a new car. i faced 3 sharks at the dealership and succeeded! i miss being on the the other side. i miss rm.
6. i have great memory. i remember things from even when i was 2 years old. of course no one believes me. my ate doesn't have my back on that one.
7. my ate has my back on everything else.
8. i am ready for another chapter (more like a volume) in my life. i am ready to be a new mom again.
9. good thing: i don't care much about what other people think of me. bad thing: i care so much what the people i love think of me.
10. i need to visit a gift shop soon.
11. birthday goodies: boots from hubby, rc for my nikon from ate, fringe bag from rb, night out in the city on holoween, limo ride, new ride, sophie singing happy birthday mama.
good report to be continued...

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