Friday, December 31, 2010

new years eve.

my cough woke me up at 4am. but the last few months i've been waking up in the middle of the night or really early. i think i am addicted to the sound of silence. and knowing everyone is sleeping except me. well that and my fear of owls and aliens. i'm not even getting inot that. so new year calls for a new notebook! yey! so i'm reading though my i-refuse-to-call-it-journal journal and i'm thinking i'm freaking nuts!
1. "today we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary by going on a date. just me and jay. feels so good, just like when we were teen agers..." awww (and we gave each other bibles) hahaha. i had 6 new vocab that day. great cleaning tip from hgtv: hydrogen peroxide plus baking soda. hmmm i have yet to try that one.
2. "i need a ruler and a box cutter!" i was making a statement. my new house list: grapefruit sugar bowl (which i got for christmas), coffee and eggshell fertilizer (really?), turquoise collander, vintage calendar art, emily henderson, candice olsen, gromet curtain, outdoor living.
3. "thank god i am am always full" j said that when i was complaining how i ate so much.
4. one of my many survival/emergency lists: 3 bottled water, powdered milk, first aid kit, 7 instant noodles, 7 spam, flashlight, radio, charging thing, antibiotics, tylenol, pad + paper, wipes, diapers, 3 sweaters, 3 raincoats, $4.99 kit from costco, soap +toodbrush set. damn, this list is messed up. "if you want to improve, be content to thought foolish and stupid - epictetus" - which is exacly what i am doing right now.
5. peelows - my secret weapon to conquer the world. mwahaha. still in the works (in my head). stay tuned. places to go: meat packing district (x), yankee stadium (check), central park zoo (x), licm (x), jones beach (check), chelsea piers (x). boooo.
6. the quilt pattern i've been planning using 200 squares of sophie's old clothes. i finally have my own sewing machine!
7. daycare idea: all organic, embrace nature, peaceful songs, summer camp, museum + aquarium trips, organic food, organic uniforms, wodden toys, classic music. :why should i fill my brain with facts i can find in 2 minutes in any standard book? - einstein"
8. xmas ideas that i forgot.
9. my super minibus.
10. goals before the year ends
11. in case of emrgency: id folder (has our passports, ssns, birth certs...), my external drive, cell charger, bling box engagement and wedding ring, baby tylenol, thermometer. wow.

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