Wednesday, December 8, 2010

random thoughts.

1. sophie grew an inch and a half in two weeks! coudn't believe it at first. yey for growth spurts.
2. still need to set up our cristmas tree. can't wait to hang ornaments from our cali roadtrip.
3. sophie's new found word: before
4. just downgraded our netflix plan to no dvds out. yikes.
5. haven't watched tv much since fios, not familiar with channel line up.
6. walking dead - omg one of the first scene in the city is crazy
7. just upgraded back our netflix to 2 dvds out.
8. i have 3 hayao miyazaki movies left to watch. yes thats the nerd in me. so? i love all his movies.
9. my new boots did not fail me. so comfy. i love it.
10. going to the movies with sophie. tangled.
11. don't you just love taking nice photos esp when there's good natural light.

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