Monday, January 10, 2011

hot seat in the morning with j.

so it turns out that i discover a lot of things about me that bothers me in the car. in the morning. when i only have 10 minutes to actually explain myself. (that's when i drop my hubby off at the station) well actually now that i think about it that makes a lot of sense - that way he can escape avoid a very senseless conversation. (between me and myself lol).
today we talked about how i never wear black and that i only have one pair of black shoes. in my defense, i do own a few black shoes from my days of wearing heels. that is one of my resolutions - to wear more black. i finally decided to get my hunter boots in black and ended up ordering it in navy.
the other day j said that i am "uptight". like what does that mean? me? uptight? i actually googled it (i know humor me) and it says tense, nervous, jittery and stiffly conventional in manner and attitude. so not me. i just know that when we're with people outside our family, when i start to speak the room suddenly becomes quiet. yep. very awkward. that's when this whole uptight thing came up. i am actually pretty outgoing and funny. ooooh i always think of something funny to say and i never say outloud. so i tell j and then he says it and everyone laughs.

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