Friday, January 28, 2011

p.s. i made this denim bag.

finally got to this. i've been wanting to take pix of this bad i made. a week ago, sophie and i made our very own denim bag from p.s. i made this. so. easy. and i finally used my sewing machine! and my brand spanking new rotary cutter! woohoo. wasn't planning on doing this project because i didn't have a long chain. but what do you know i was at home depot and it's chains galore. this is my second hardware-bought diy from p.s. i made this. just so you know, i was in the middle of a diy bathroom renovation. hence the hardware errands. (yeah i am not a crazy person who frequents hardware stores for fun.) my first one was this which i still have to take a pic. oh nevermind, i gave it to my niece, angel. this bag is so much fun! and so many pockets!

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