Friday, January 14, 2011

random thoughts.

1. i have a wierd high right now. not sure if it's hormones but i just love a lot of things right now! i love tequila! i love my brown leather boots. and my hunter boots.
2. i love hubby's beard esp when they're long - not caveman long but just rough and unruly. i wish he'd let me photograph him more. like seriously.
3. took a long hot shower and actually didn't mind that sophie's in there with me. shower time is my thinking time - "was" until baby sophie became a toddler and wanted to always be in the shower with me. wow she's getting so big that i can actually close my eyes in there.
4. i gotta sew something already! like seriously. just get it over with. i'm not nervous or anything but it's one of those things. just like my notebooks, i can never write on the first page. so that makes the second page kinda like the first page but not really. anyway it takes me awhile to get comfortable with something.
5. i've been staring at the snow outside. it's so clean and pretty with the shed in the background. i've  been planning to take sophie out and play but never got around to it.
6. i made my very own copper necklace yesterday. wasn't planning on doing it but i was sent on a hardware run to get some white tile grout. i am in love with it and can't wait to make more for everyone.
7. once again, i've been watching to much ancient alien. now we're all aliens. great. i think j is on to something. one of his many nicknames for is "humanoid" and sometimes "starchild". i know! so mean.
8. i am craving for all the christmas dishes we had because i was sick and my taste buds were messed up that day.
9. max is 5 human years old already. 37 dog years!!!

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