Thursday, February 17, 2011


meet theresa behind theresa is your homie, she's hilarious. i like to call her angel.
- being cranky because really no one knows why unless you tell them so they just think you're that way (but it's because haven't had any alone time or alcohol in a while and no i'm not an alcoholic just do it to unwind i guess)
- you know how celphones can be loud? and people can actually hear the person you're talking to? well i called my sister's cel yelling whhhhhaaaaaduuuuupp thinking she's off but actually at work - sorry dude
-  the hugging or at-least-we-should-put-our-arms-around-each-other when we did this photo. yep we're a bunch of wierdos
- my zoolander face in pictures. yes people i only have one smile
- nonstop laughing out loud. ahaha the entire time angel and i were taking photos.
- good news about our property for sale
- post valentine cafe night tomorrow
- can i just say... popeyes.fried.chicken.

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