Thursday, February 24, 2011

day 24: awkward and awesome thursday

- leaving sophie with mom in law and the house a complete mess. i'm talking about sewing machine, needles, threads in the office. leftover fabric in the dining room. iron and ironing board in the bathroom sink. (i know! go figure) unfolded bedsheets. and of course sophie still waiting for a bath. but it was unexpected! kinda. this is what happens when i'm itching to make something and in this case a failed attempt at adult skirt.
- giving last minute change to cashier when she's done already
- sophie screaming ayudame at kohls. help in spanish??? thanks dora!
- hearing a song you like in the car so you start singing and dancing and you get carried away. and you realize someone at the bus stop is looking at you. lol. i immediately looked at sophie in the back and pretended i was cheering her up or dancing with her. but she wasn't
- having the biggest zit ever (weekend, it's kinda gone now). gosh people stop staring i know it's there.

- getting an early nights sleep and waking up at 5 am. i love it. it's so quiet.
- free cruise compliments of the casino
- madagascar vanilla from red mango, yummmmm
- seeing j so happy and excited like a crazy person for the first knicks game and carmelo anthony.
- this a&a that's actually on a thursday!
- realizing that sophie's fully potty trained, i didn't even notice anymore

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  1. Practical yet chic ensemble. I have similar pieces, will have to give it a try myself!


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