Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 10: a&a

cardigan: american eagle, ruffled tank: jcrew, jeans: express, boots: famous footwear, belt: h&m

day 9 photo
first response to boss' poker invite (ok that's someone else's awkward moment)
sophie saying "no, no, no" outloud during pastor's sermon and usually when he's asking a rhetorical
computer crashing (i was in the middle of writing this post when my computer crashed)
backing up files on computer - i always feel like i missed something *barf*

crumbs cupcake and jollibee spaghetti
spending time with sis after not seeing her for 2 weeks
tax refund, yeyah!
how about the view from this rooftop
ancient alien marathon with j and mama
bonding with mom-in-law
my first time at dave and buster, playing all the games with j and collecting tickets, watching jay's serious face while playing catch-the-apples (kinda like whack-a-mole)

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  1. What a great and simple outfit. The olive green of the cardigan looks great with your skin! =)


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