Sunday, February 27, 2011

blogging tip #1.

this is me testing the tripod for sophie and showing her some pose ahaha

how to make your own comment signature.

so i've had this blog for a year now. mostly just random posts. but beginning of his year, as part of my new years resolution, i wanted to be more active in the blogging world.
one of the things i learned and i think is one of the most important things in blogging is to leave comment. sincere and honest comments of course. i love recieving comments, makes me feel so connected. (and not like i'm talking to myself) so yes i too have started leaving comments. and sometimes i feel wierd including my blogsite and it's too much work just to check your website - copy and pasting, maybe opening a new know how that's like. so to make things easier, i've been using a html code where your name becomes a link to your website like so:

hi! love your blog!
xoxo, ayan

so everytime you leave a comment, paste this html code in place of your sign off name:
<a href="your link here">"your name"</a>

 just replace "your link here" with your website and "your name" with your sign off name or whatever word you want.
hope you find this helpful! happy blogging! and did i mention i love recieving comments?! leave a comment to test your comment signature. i'd love to visit your site!
(via running on happiness)

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  1. hey thanks for putting this up!
    always wanted to learn how to do this!



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