Tuesday, March 1, 2011

day 26: microwave run.

top: h&m, jeansL express, flats: gap, scarf: gift
saturday. so for the longest time, we've been using our microwave with a broken handle. i mean it's working and everything but it has no handles. yes, i am the one who broke it. so finally we bought a new one!  brand spanking new microwave. not that i use it a lot. i read somewhere that even after using it your food continues to react. like inside your tummy. yikes. don't want that inside me and definitely don't want that for sophie. so as much as possible i heat things up the old fashion way. and no microwavable stuff in this house. but here are some things i need a microwave for:
- for softening ice cream, i hate scooping hard ice cream! put it in the microwave for 10 sec and it comes out perfect
- grilled cheese, 30 seconds
- tempering chocolate just like ina garten

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  1. Loving this outfit. simple and cute. a scarf always brightens up an outfit and the shoes add that extra 'pop' too!



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