Thursday, March 3, 2011

day 30: awkward and awesome.

cardi: h&m, jeans: express, shirt: ae, boots: famous footwear, belt: h&m

dad-in-law talking about his annual prostate check up and making jokes about it
sophie telling everyone that it's that time of the month for me in her on way. and by in her on way i mean "moma's got a boo boo in her butt" or "mama's wearing diapers" i know tmi!
with that said - hormonal imbalance and pigging out 
so while i was waiting for our car being oil changed, i went for the single serve coffee and machine and of course i placed the coffee thingie backwards. when i pressed the brew button the whole packet came out straight to my cup with the wrapper still on. ooops.
and then...holding my bag, bagel, my really hot coffee finally with no lid in a full waiting area. yes i had no seat and i was soaking wet. 

i can't stop talking about it, my new old shoes. i can't wait to wear it tomorrow.
last day of remix! i miss other clothes!
ipad 2 finally released!
staycation next weekend at the maritime hotel in meatpacking district
spring cleaning. done.


  1. great blog! I like your style

  2. Hi!!!
    Thanks so muh for your comment!!!!
    The glasses are not vintage but H&M!!
    You have a great style ;) We're followers!!

    Hope you'll follow us back!


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