Thursday, March 10, 2011

a&a thursday.

- when someone asks me to check "something quick" on the computer and they stand there and tower over me waiting and watching my every move. all of a sudden i can't spell or type. like gosh it's called my personal space and your invading it
- pretend tap dancing like crazy with sophie and not hearing someone walk in
- talking to hubby on car speaker phone with other people, asking me why i'm running late from outlet shopping. i think i turned 3 shades of red. and no, he wasn't mad but he knows he better not do that again.
- paying for your items and realizing they're buy one get one 50% off, i mean you have to get another one. duh?! but then you realize they're such a good deal. i'm talking about jeans for $6. that takes care of all the teenagers in our fam. and then saying sorry for holding up the line
- looking through the costco coupon book while shopping and realizing it starts tomorrow. no wonder i got some crazy looks

- papa arriving on monday from philippines with goodies. specifically my 2 inch elastics for my skirt projects
- my vintage polaroid camera (spirit 600). thanks ate!
- old navy clearance and $6 jeans
- day 4 of learning the guitar and i can play the intro of linger
- linger - how awesome is that song
- this is the last time i promise - my vintage loafers! yeyah!
- latest obsession: lego
- how about this new look of my blog?!

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  1. Yay for learning guitar! I have always wanted to. That IS awesome! I'm jealous.


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