Thursday, May 19, 2011


maxie, after a long day with sophie
- sophie accidentally hit my face with her toy mic. i know right?! so i have a big bruise on my cheek!
- bought the where's waldo app and it's almost a gig and for a good 3 hours now it's slowing down my ipad. i also happen to update 14 of my apps. at the same time. make that 4 hours.
- our internet sucks. i miss fios.
- i am not used to an electric stove. the food just doesn't come out the same. 
- max barking really earlyyyyyyy in the morning for a walk and me deciding to take him in my sleeping clothes. trying to cover up with an oversized bright purple cardi. so much for being subtle. and oh yeah cardi on a 90 degree day.

- hot chewy brownies for dessert. yummmm
- our fishie, blu is still alive!
- tomorrow's preppy look challenge. so excited for that.
- organizing our office including cleaning out my mailbox. as in unsubscribing to all my junk mail.
- getting our first official mail!

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