Tuesday, May 10, 2011

from miami with love.

1. first and foremost, WHEW. yey, we've relocated and loving it. that deserves another whew. 
2. belated happy mother's day to all the moms in the world esp. my mama. i love you so so very much and you're the b-e-s-t best among the r-e-s-t rest. (in a cheering tone). fun fact about her: while she was pregnant with me, she ran an all you can eat asian restaurant in south cali. that was in 1980 and according to her she thought of the concept. and yes refuse to check her credibility.
3. miami heat and no i'm not talking about basketball. i can't imaging getting tired of it. then again i've only been here for 1 week and not tanned yet.
4. tech and internet. so for 3 days i didn't have my computer hence my mia from blogshpere. and when we got here we didn't have internet. i don't know what's worse not having a computer or having one without internet. and no internet means no cable. thank goodness for my ipad and our neighbors wifi.
5. manny pacquiao still number one but i have something even better than that. i watched the whole 48 mins of the ppv fight via skype. whatttttttttttttttttt! and i even got to record it for j while he was at casino nearby hoping to watch it.
6. yey for blogging again. i can finally replace my second to the last post where i have a really mean face and flat hair.
7. south florida fm station. 93.1 baby! they play all the good oldies all day long. nostalgia overdrive. and they also have z100. gotta have my elvis duran in the morning.
8. good news, bad news. there's a chinese take out in our area! but it sucks! i am definitely going to miss that!
8. so much more to share but this is it for now. 

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