Monday, May 30, 2011

lunch at the liberty.

courtesy of my hubby's company, we had lunch at the carnival liberty and we got to tour the whole ship before it sailed. check out the view from the deck! sunny south beach! 
and our table was right across star island. where a lot of the celebs live.
liberty weighs a good 110,000 tons! like 110,000 tons!!!!!!!!!! compared to titanic which only weighed around 46,000 tons. whoah! btw, this was my first time on a cruise ship so bear with my enthusiasm here.
here's j and sophie being cute. bored before board. (har har)
here's one with dad...
here's sophie playing with a slot machine while we were having drinks at the bar. that doesn't sound right. ahaha. don''t worry the machines were all disabled and we had water and soda.
then we drove around south beach. what a day! 

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  1. Love your beach/outdoor pictures! Beautiful. You have such a cute little family. Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'll be back :)


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