Monday, May 16, 2011

random thoughts.

1. back at the dolphin mall today. excited much? because we were the first ones at the playground. so cute!  breakfast themed playground!
2. why i always crop my pictures that way. i wish i could tell you that it's for artistic purposes. i guess sometimes. but it's because my dad took the picture and oh how he loves the date stamp on the lower right hand side of the photo.
3. i seriously need a haircut.
4. i love this song right now.
5. blogger problems. if you really think about it, it's kinda scary. if it happens to online banking. unless of course if it's my last two purchases of household items. what problems?
6. i'm addicted to hipstamatic on my ipad. jay: why do you do that to the photos, you're not from the seventies. ahahaha. because i also happen to love wide leg jeans and vintage stuff. just mechanical stuffs though (cameras, telephones, typewriters).
7. there's so much clothes at the mall. well duh? i mean cute ones and it's like all the stores are on sale. it's madness. but i've been very good - haven't bought one piece of clothing since i got here. just my hat and bag.
8. this bag by the sak is like the best bag ever. it's fits everything including my slr. what's in my bag anyway? water bottle, juice box for sophie, wallet, baby wipes, house keys, cellphone, rice crispy treats, lollipop, small camera, ipad, extra hair tie, new winn-dixie card that i have to register still, new sun pass that needs to be registered as well.
9. today was a goooood day on so many levels including sophie's excellent behavior.

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