Thursday, May 12, 2011

a&a thrusday.

- taking max out for a walk towards the lake, you know near the doggy scooper dispenser and garbage. on our way back home max decided to poop near our apartment meaning i had to go all the way back back to where we waited just to throw out poop.
- saying hi neighbor and ending up to be a really long conversation about pretty much ummm i gtg.
- in miami, right turns are allowed on red light. yey. but holding up everyone behind me because i'm going straight. awkward.
- sophie throwing a tantrum at the mall because i refuse to give her soda. she was screaming "but i'm so thristyyyyyyyyy, i need to driiiiiiiiiink"
- max humping people's legs. gosh. 

- internet.
- my fedora hat. stylish and useful in fact it's a must if you decide to park really far at noon.
- organizing our closet finally!
- skype. we don't miss ny yet but definitely our family!

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