Saturday, June 25, 2011

beach bums.

last week my sis was in town from ny and finally got to test the waters of miami. o.m.g. why?! why did i let a month pass without going to the beach? the verdict: it's the best! water temp is perfect. sand is perfect. parking is cheap (1.25/hr) and 1 min walk to the beach! 1 min!!!!!!! can't beat that. definitely not jones beach (the beach where we go to in ny). so we went to hallandale beach in hollywood......
and the following day we went to south beach of course. can't visit miami without going to south beach. i thought hallandale beach was awesome. south beach is even better. clearer water, finer sand, and talk about hot bods. ahahaha. if you like people watching, this is the place! they have chairs ($10) and umbrellas ($12) ready for you rent there so you don't even have to bring anything just towels but you can bring you own. if you're like us, we brought our own mat and everything but still rented 2 chairs and an umbrella. don't ask me why? ahaha. street parking wasn't bad at all. got a spot right away and we even got a free meter ticket worth 2 hours of parking from the guy who left ($5). woohoo!

then afterwards, we drove around the area to check out jersey shores' gelato cafe, the dash store, couldn't find miami ink and bought some souvenirs.
life is good!

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