Tuesday, June 14, 2011

remedy for 2 bad days in a row.

yup that's right 2 days in a row.
yesterday i headed over to dmv to surrender my new york license :( and be a floridian. just the thought of losing my ny id was bad enough already. anyway i drove to the dmv, had no idea where i was - don't you hate that? driving without knowing where to go stresses me out. so there i was alone with the radio and ac off, heart's pounding and trusting my whole life to the gps on a highway that's headed to naples! like naples, florida! dramatic much? anyway i got there and i waited in line only to be told that i can't change my license because my ssn is still under my maiden name. boooo. i guess i never got around to changing  the last name on my ssn. booo. so they wouldn't the system won't let them make any changes. so that's that.
today, i went to the ss office. i'll save you all the drama - i waited for 1.5 hours. by the time i was home, i couldn't talk anymore just grunt. and then i did bills, lunch, writing time with sophie, clean up and the most important of all: sophie's nap time.
i finally got a chance to sit down and read my blogroll. i realized that i'm late with my 30 for 30 and it's ebew! so i was determined to dress up for ebew. ahahaha. it's so funny now that think about it. 
the way our place is set up - you have to pass the living room to get to the master bedroom. my dad and father in law were watching tv in the living room. i wasn't about to have a "photoshoot" in front of them so i had to get all my stuff to the bedroom, one at a time. my tripod, camera, shoes from storage, my remote thingie from storage. after taking photos, i come out with everything. they probably think i'm nuts. if only they knew what i was doing. - a grown adult making funny faces in heels alone. i definitely know i'm grown - adult? i'm not too sure. hey this made my day! weeee!
anyway about my outfit, i was planning on wearing this last friday for my date with hubby. minus the heels. but ended up wearing the maxi since we wanted to go to the beach. so technically i didn't wear this outfit but i can't wait to actually be out and about in this ensemble. 


  1. Can you keep a secret? I've been holding on to my NY license for years, even though I have lived in Texas and Oregon since college. I just can't seem to give it up!!

    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  2. I think the worst days of my live are the ones at the SS office and DMV, so I can sympathize. Hopefully Florida treats you nicer. (: Anyway, I love the color of your skirt and the lace is so fun on your shirt!

  3. omg, you look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love this outfit,argh i don't think i'm going to be doing the 30 for 30 :T
    i don't have any new clothes wak.


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