Wednesday, June 8, 2011

zoo + beach (finally).

i know you're probably thinking - really? zoo again? well what can i tell you our daughter loves animals!!! according to her she wants to be an "animal doctor". this time we went to jungle island. did i mention that 3 is the perfect age for zoos and amusement parks?!? aside from the fact that they can actually walk now don't get tired of walking for hours, they actually know what they're looking at! they can also do things like petting goats,
and feeding them,
and stare at a cow/goat, (yeah this one is freaky, it's a crossbreed between cow and goat) i was staring too.
jungle island is actually known as the "home of the ligers and tigons". yep that crossbreed between tigers and lions. i think hybrid animals are very weird. so we pretended they're tigers.
we saw the cutest penguins,
flamingos of course,
a random rabbit (check out my sophie's first scrapbook page) and lots of animals. duh? it's a zoo. and this is what i wore which i thought was the perfect outfit!
 here's some pix of my babies:
 and a decent family photo with a baby croc.
then after we drove to key biscayne to check out the beach. i wasn't really planning to get wet. yeah sometimes i'm lame like that. and yep i didn't get my hair wet.
but omg, i had to the water's p-e-r-f-e-c-t. so as per my last post, i'm convinced that that's were everyone spend their weekends.

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  1. So cute! Looks like such a fun and relaxing day. These pictures make me reminiscent of my childhood because i totally remember the pictures of when i visited the zoo!


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